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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Faygo 'Together'
“Together” is the investment of a whole team around a shared idea. The album takes an introspective look at the moments shared by the band members since the beginning of their adventure. The tracks are sometimes inspired by more personal and spiritual influences, but the result is a shared work based on the lyrics of the three songwriters of this album. The texts touch upon social themes that affect us all; for example food waste, modern slavery, indifference, media speculation on insecurity, immigration and the absurdity of our consumer society. They also evoke nature, love and living together, a subject that is very important to Faygo. The presence of a horn section of four instruments (alto/tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone) brings energy and creativity to the sextet’s music. The section’s arrangements, composed by Simon Latouche and Jean-Baptiste Hueber, add the richness of jazz and the warmth of world music to Faygo’s music. The basis of the album is truly reached & expressed in one of the better roots tues with great horns called 'Sing It Together.' More horns, more roots music appear in 'Be Yourself,' which ultimately is the best thing you can do. Another favorite is 'Praise Jah' because it has those horns, the live roots sound and permeates the light of all in an upful manner. The album ends with four great dubs to be had , too.
*****This album has a few months before it's release so no public link to the album. Here is his first single.


The Archives 'The Archives'
The Archives began when Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton began a quest to explore the roots of reggae music. Led by producer/ keyboard ace Darryl “Trane” Burke, all members have recorded and toured internationally with acts like Eek-A-Mouse, Black Uhuru, Culture, Don Carlos and more,” Burke explains. “We weave together the best of foundation reggae roots, rock steady, early dub and dancehall influences. The critically acclaimed debut album “Archives” released in 2012 and has been out of print for a few years until recently. The reissue includes dub mixes by Tippy I Alfred (I Grade/ Zion I Kings), Subatomic Sound (Lee Perry) & Y & D Duke Production featuring Kenyatta Hill (son of reggae icon Joseph Hill of Culture). Hilton's signature production touch re-defines what is possible for modern reggae. The album feature vocalists Grammy nominee Desi Hyson (Moja Nya, The Original Wailers); Puma Ptah, the charismatic singer on Thievery Corporation’s Culture of Fear; Jamaican sensation Sleepy Wonder (Thievery Corporation, Shinehead); Lenny Kurlou (S.T.O.R.M.); Ichelle Cole (Strykers Posse) and Mateo Monk (White Wolf) on flute and guitar. The first song to sound good is the first song 'Who's Correct.' Now the 'Ghetto Gone Uptown' and it's a 'rompapom' it's 'one more time' in the ghetto. Enjoy the reggae music as there is 'More To Life.' The only female voice of Sister Ichelle Cole on the album stands strong with 'Boof Baff.' Lastly, this reggae 'Music Is My Prayer' and I hope it's yours too. It's a good taste of the DC area reggae performers, singers & players. Shows depth & richness.


One 'Beautiful'
This is Wyclef's nephew and her name is One and she has a 'Beautiful' song. Good lyrics, melody & talent. The production is a bit lacking which makes One stronger.



The Movement 'Ways Of The World'
The album opens with the title track and definitely one of my favorites. The Movement have been on the move making moves. An epic performance at Cali Roots, the band is finally getting the due and a lot of that was due to the greatness of 'Golden,' their last album. This album will keep their fans happy just doesn't have the strength of their last. This does not take away from whats at hand. They had Iya Terra join them on 'Redwoodz,' a northern Cali staple. 'Orange Sky' is another good tune with a bit of a different sound. I have never heard Gary Dread play that style of electric drums nevertheless still sounds good just not the signature sound of the Movement I know. I love the main line of the song 'You cant live life for the weekend.' Jacob Hemphill of SOJA joins them on 'Diamond.' Capt Hook lead singer of The Movement sings of his love and you feel it and his 'Diamond.' Top notch guests continue with Stick Figure on 'Siren.' 'Life Is A Circle' of envolvement and right now lead singer Josh Swain aka Capt Hook is reaching a another level of maturity on this album. I don't think its peaking just yet. 'The Great Discovery' is just that when you see the light of knowing and cherishing the very moment you're in right now. I feel the album slows down a bit here and this is the big difference from 'Golden.' It picks back up with 'Cool Me Down.' The strength of their songs lay in the melodies and music combined. It looks like someone in the band has a new found love. I hope you can find that here on 'The Way Of The World.'


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