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Island Hoppers

Island Hoppers is about the search for surf, music and culture in the Caribbean. Join hosts Lance-O and Lexi as they take you on a journey though the islands!

Each episode will show you a different side of the Island, one you may not normally see. Its shown more from a locals perspective and even the natives learn things. The beauty of it all doesnt just lie in the landscape, sometimes its the small treasures you discover.

Island Hoppers literally started out as a dream that quickly became reality. Lance-O and co-producer/videographer Robert Lyon took the outlines of a dream and had their first episode on air within 3 months. After airing on Sun Sports for well over a year, Island Hoppers grew leaps and bounds each episode with thousands of new viewers and fans. Now with the return of Island Hoppers, the adventures are just begining all over again.

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We need your real support through our crowdfunding campaign. Island Hoppers will launch during Surf Expo Jan 8-10 in Orlando, Fl.

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