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Kulcha Shok Muzik – Reggae

Reggae is the root & foundation of Kulcha Shok

Reggae & Kulcha Shok are family. So if you're looking for reggae, Kulcha Shok is there and if you see Kulcha Shok you will hear the sweet Reggae Music. Kulcha Shok has a full Reggae Tree of reggae music with many, big branches and thick roots in REGGAE.

Everyones favorite part about reggae music is hearing & seeing it live from the original players and musicians of the most famous reggae bands & stars as well as your favorite local band & DJs. Kulcha Shok is involved in many different reggae events. In fact, Kulcha Shok produces exciting reggae events as unique one of a Kind experiences while repeating other events as much as every week.

Live Reggae Events

Kulcha Shok either produces or works with a lot of live events. This is Kulcha Shok's most popular branch, which is also our favorite side of reggae music. So Kulcha Shok works with lots of bands all over the world whether touring or based close to our headquarters in Miami Fl. The following bands are the ones Kulcha Shok works with very closely:

Reggae Bands

  • Jahfe

  • InnaSense

  • Uma Galera

  • Horizen

  • Rythmadix

  • Jah Steve & the Counteract Crew

  • Natty Remo

There are 100s of bands Kulcha Shok works with all over the world so if you need a live reggae band anywhere Kulcha Shok has the resources to find you that special reggae band. Kulcha Shok is a licensed, bonded and insured Talent/Booking Agent in the State of Florida.

DJs / Selectors

Part of Kulcha Shok's involvement in events includes DJing. Kulcha Shok is also a DJ Krew that is headed by Lance-O and consists of Mello-D, DJ Idrin (Cornerstone), Red I, Shawtta Don, DJ Firewood and has an alliance with ODM of Babylon Fall, Ricky D & Ras Kyle of Galaxy Soundstation, Selecta Bin Bin of Exit Sound and Jr Lee, Selector Chewlin as well as DJ Stepwise of our Latin brand Kulcha Latino. DJing started as part of our very humble beginnings as a radio DJ.

Reggae Radio

A Major influence for Kulcha Shok is radio. Radio is where Kulcha Shok started. Our reggae radio station is online at and broadcasting live from our Reggae Sundays event at the Wynwood Yard (56 NW 29 St Wynwood 33127) every Sunday from 4-6pm on Shake 108 (107.9)

Reggae MC / Host

Between our work in reggae radio & djing live at events, there's a new highly driven division of Kulcha Shok that many know and that is of MCing & hosting many of the biggest reggae events. Many reggae events, Kulcha Shok & more specifically Lance-O has become the face of the event. It maybe the annual 9 Mile Music Festival in Miami or the Belmar Pro surf contest in New Jersey, Kulcha Shok & Lance-O have helped brand events to the reggae world. This is not only Kulcha Shok's biggest strength also one Kulcha Shok enjoys the most. Here's a sample...

Kulcha Shop - Reggae Products

The Kulcha Shok reggae tree has many branches. A very integral branch and one that brings the fullness to the brand is our clothing line...

  • Clothing
  • Hats & Tams
  • Accessories
  • Original Kulcha Shok Muzik Albums & Vinyl Records
  • The clothing line brings together not only the brand in many ways, it also brings together the tribe...our extended family, our Reggae Souljahs that are all apart of Reggae's Army.....Jah's people. Kulcha Shok is always recruiting Souljahs.

    Surf and Surf Events

    Kulcha Shok is also about unfying reggae and surf kulcha. Founder of Kulcha Shok, Lance-O is an avid surfer and is always creating synergies between reggae & surfing, his two loves.

    Shok Wave - New Reggae Music

    New Reggae Releases, Reggae Music, Reggae Music Blog, Reggae Music NewsKulcha Shok has developed a new reggae music blog called Shok Wave. Shok Wave is a weekly look at all the new music that is in any shape or form, reggae music. So it can be dancehall, ska, reggae rock, even soca & calypso or Russian reggae or from Buenas Aires Argentina. If it has the skanking beat of your heart and we know about it, you will that new Reggae music here every week on our website.