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Muzik Services

Kulcha Shok specializes in reggae & surf oriented events. Kulcha Shok has bands, djs & videos to cater to your party, concert or event of any size. Kulcha Shok exclusively manages and books Mixed Culture. Kulcha Shok also books the following bands: Jahfe, Johnny Dread, Wraps N Kush, Don Sha, Sweet Bone, Bootleg, The Resolvers, Horizen, Eyenity, Southwood Project, 4th Dimension, Natty Remo, Ovni Sound System, Roots Shakedown, Wookie J, and The Elevators.

KSM also offers consulting, management, booking & marketing. We offer muzik publishing & production services. We produce muzik videos in association with John Doe entertainment.

We also offer radio production. We can produce programming, radio commercials, radio spots, PSA’s, interviews, jingles, sweepers & offer station imaging packages.

Muzik Promotions

Kulcha Shok offers a variety of promotional avenues through our internationally broadcasted program “Reggae Vibes.” Packages are available through Reggae Vibes where all stations are serviced. Kulcha Shok also offers packages catered to college radio, Caribbean radio in the US & Carribean as well as cross over markets. We can set up radio interviews, service muzik videos & journalists & magazines as well as Internet. Kulcha Shok can also set up promotional tours.

Kulcha Shok can also host surf contests, surf video premiers & product promotional giveaways. We do an annual surf contest called the ‘Dirty South’ surf contest, an annual reggae festival, weekly reggae & surf nights.