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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Akae Beka, Pressure Busspipe & Danny I "Be Still"
'Be Still' is the title track and lead single off this new album and reviewed two weeks ago, features 4 songs from Akae Beka, Pressure Busspipe & Danny I. All USVI artists and all new music, even though it took 3 years to complete. It has been planned for months to release this album at this time and the timing could not be any better. These are 3 of the islands strongest. The Pressure is on from the Busspipe as his first song on the album is for his empress 'Just The Way You Want It' as is 'Just Stay The Night.' Danny I's almost haunting voice rings through on 'We Miss You.' It's the albums second single and has beccome an anthem since the passing of Mr Benjamin. Every word is so strong. Remember not to get caught up babylon trap, better known as the 'Pot Of Gold.' So it's 'To The East' that's where our heirs & ancestors are in the storm. Danny I's feeling & vibe are really strong on these tracks. Listen: 'even when it seems too tough a battle, you cahnge it all tomorrow, call up on the strength you've been given. This is 'Consequences.' Pressure turns the topic to 'Help The Youths' and never disappoint them. Akae Beka has such original delivery and melodies, that his talent is irreplaceable as witnessed on 'True Lineage.' Who else can sing about a topic like 'Class Warfare Reveal' and to the extent he takes it. Don't let me forget to mention there are 11 dubs to 12 vocal tracks.

Truly classic works on "Be Still." Namely, on the title track & Danny I's anthemic 'We Miss You.' This is the timeless from the Virgin Islands by way of the Green Lion Crew. The best thing is to "Be Still," suffice in the glory right now and stay forever present.......'Yes It Is.'



Tia "Black Cocoon"
Tia Mason is a new female face to add to the ladies that are on the rise. Tia will help raise that status with her new debut album "Black Cocoon.' She has signed with Troyton Music In Jamaica and she represents the USVI. The album of 8 songs is a combination of reggae & dancehall. She sings well and knows how to ride a riddim too. 'All the love you need' is right here with Tia as she says to I-Octane in 'Longing For You.' She really wants you to stay and I believe that won't be a problem because she's going to 'Nice Up' the party and you are invited. The best part is she can 'Put On A Show' with everyone's favorite music because 'Reggae Sweet.' Ilove the way 'Father Forgive Me' starts. There's a third voice on there that does the intro singing'give I love.' I could put that part alone on replay. Then Tia adds to it with her starting of the song with the lines of the song, then add Pressure its a boom. If you haven't fallen in love with Tia yet, as most of us have, you will on 'Fall In Love Again.'

Tia expresses excessive amount of love through out this album. A new face and another female force that has already seen success with album reaching the charts it's first week out. Looking & sounding real good for the music.



Bitty McLean & Gentleman's Dub Club '100%'

Gentleman’s Dub Club's next single "100%" has dropped. Featuring the legendary, sweet, soulful, and inimitable Bitty McLean, this release is lovers music through and through – real classic reggae recorded at the Crosstown Studios in London. The B side is their cover of the timeless classic "Summer Breeze" by Seals and Croft, and the release includes dub versions of both tracks. Crucial stuff especially the Bitty. Mr McLean can not do any wrong (now a days!!!!!). You'll love the opening horns and the butter oozing out of Bitty's voice.



Empress Akua 'Jah Is Good'
It's interesting I heard this song and thought nothing of it. I heard it a second time and the song caught my ear. I watched Akua sing this song so effortlessly and with so much soul. Now listening to it again I get a gospel musical feel of rasta music. Now the tune is big for me because 'Jah is good cause he gives us grace, and shows us love so we can conquer hate.' See for your self.


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