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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!



Jahlistic 'Love Songs'
Jahlistic is a 4-piece Latin, Reggae Roots band based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Their sound has a heavy drum and bass foundation, with smooth, soulful female vocals, and a strong roots reggae rhythm section.
Their sound is also highly influenced by their Latin roots as three of the members are from South America and in South America they love roots reggae. Jahlistic picked things up 'Along The Way' and it was Jah. Their first true Kulcha Latino song on the album is also one of the singles from the album 'Locos,' which means crazy. Combine that with the title of the album "Love Songs' and you will get the idea. It's also spiked with English and is one of the better songs. Another single 'With Love' feat. Roots of a Rebellion and Ozzy Q and this is a great song lyrically and musically. 'Majesty' 'don't you see him, the one who loves us all.' Heavy vibes here. The title track secures it's place. We all have 'One Of Those Days' and this one turns to the music as their only recluse. 'Remedy' is a nice musical change into ska and message, medicine & 'Remedy' is love. Love it. Their love will get them through and far. The only other true Latin/Spanish reggae tune or as we call it Kulcha Latino song is 'Es Verdad.' The band only speaks the truth and lastly those that are afraid do not have the love of Jah to live by 'We Free.' “Love Songs” does not pursuit only the typical “romantic” connotation that its name sparks us to think, it takes us farther to the inexplicable love of Jah, the remarkably needed love for others and the love for music itself. A really good album for such a young band and being their first full album.


Collie Buddz 'Show Love'
Collie Buddz never fails. He hits right on the head with his latest single 'Show Love.' At the end of the day we all need it and we all need to give it and 'Show Love.' The more the better do not get it twisted


Various Artists 'Come Together riddim'
A nice, roots & culture, juggling riddim with all artists making it into the mix. Luciano has the top tune & riddim namer from his 'Come Jah Children' come together. Zamunda's has the a close second. His lyrics take tops for that in 'Only Love' is the solution. Anthony B has returned with a nice one in the Marcus Garvey message of 'Forward Home' to Africa. Chino makes the cut with one of his better tunes in a while with 'Nuh Suffer.' Europe's Capital D has a decent one with a nice style in 'Informer.' All on the 'Come Together' riddim.


Nadia Harris McAnuff "Words Of Wisdom"
The daughter of the lesser known Jamaican veteran Winston McAnuff, she shines on her latest single 'Words Of Wisdom.' The actual title is never said its the slogans and words she uses to accomplish this title. Nice production especially the horns and probably her best reggae tune to date.



Shaggy 'Wah Gwaan'
Shagy is the epitome of longevity and re-inventing himself. His latest album is musically about what he does best: dancehall. Mr Burrell incorporates many styles especially pop, reggae, reggaeton, hip hop and lots of friends to give that contrast between Shaggy's raggamuffin style & mostly his singing counterparts. The album starts with the 'Caribbean Way,' which is a hybrid dancehall & reggaeton track with a great manipulation of the words: 'bbbbummmppa watch the body dey,' which makes it catchy. On 'When She Loves Me' he draws for old sparring & tour partner Rayvon. He's been the singer for so many songs with Shaggy especially on tour and here it has a hybrid sound of light hip hop & reggae. 'You' with Alexander Stewart is the second single and has a real pop/dancehall feel. When it's love it's all about 'You.' Gene Noble joins the veteran of the armed forces on 'Friends.' Speaking of friends, the next track draws for fellow Brooklynite Noah Powa on the dancehall hitter 'Money Up.' The 'Supernatural' songwriter Stacy Barthe, who kills it on the melody & 'Baby' and female dancehall star Shenseea. I love how Stacy slurs it out at the end too. Like most Jamaicans, Shaggy wasn't grown with a golden spoon and his mother never raised no fool, she was his go to and in the 'Wrong Room.' Come 'Ketch Mi Up' on this one, in other words catch up with Shaggy and this is the album to do so. 'Use Me' says Shaggy, 'you can get all my love,' 'him nah have no use.' In other words girl, use Shaggy for what you like otherwise he's got no use. The music is good enough for me. Nyanda has been on this pop/dance/dancehall vibe and thats exactly what you get when she joins Shaggy on 'Make Up Sex,' which has become a rising topic of recent in the dancehall. Nicky Jam puts that Spanish flavor on 'Body Good' with Shaggy. I hope Shaggy is at a point in life that he can really 'Live.,' he deserves it because I am sure he has plenty of those 'Frenemy' around him. This album will get a Grammy nomination.



If you know the history of Jamaican popular music than you know the affect that jazz has had. If not, jazz was basically the main influence on the invention of ska, as popularly known. If you notice this bands name is New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble, it should make sense. They play a very jazz influenced style of ska on most of their tracks. That's how the album opens up with 'Chicky Chicky Boom Boom.' 'Bopicana' has that bebop jazz feel and named appropriately. 'Band Aid' and 'Freddies Bounce' are a much more traditional styled ska instrumental.The exceptions are: a reggae take of the original 'Ska Ska Ska' song that they use only in the bridge and do it as a great reggae tune & title track. The heavy induced rock guitar solos on 'Blowout' gets crazy too. 'Subliminal Seduction' which is very jazzy just goes into reggae. The classic 'Perfidia' gets the baritone sax treatment to great effect and the other traditional cover is an old Bob Marley tune caalled 'Love & Affection.' Otherwise, 'Learn To Fly' starts off like it could be anything then breaks into a straight up reggae version of the Tom Petty tune.


The Prizefighters 'Firewalk'
The first song from their new album 'Firewalk' is also the first single called 'Let The Music Play' and it takes you back with that ska/rocksteady sound matched by the vocal and harmonies. So we 'Let The Music Play' and and it sets the tone for the album. 'You'll Never Know' is a more traditional Jamaican ska track that continues with that sound, vocals, harmonies and an addition is the simplicity of the lyrics. This is great stuff. If the tradition of this style of music is to remain in true essence of that sound, then there has to be a instrumental ska tune. So here's 'The Accolade,' 'Kashmir,' 'Kashmir Rock,' 'Mars Rover' and lastly the title track falls here too. 'Temper Running Hot' is that tune that is the simplest of lyrical tunes in that old school style.. These guys really studied the music so come 'Along For The ride.'


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