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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!



The Steppas "Journey of Roads"
The Steppas are out of Hawaii and they know it's a long road because of what they have 'Come To See' better known as their 'I-Sight.' Every queen needs a king and the great love two people have for each other is nicely expressed in 'King For A Day.' This situation happens when the queen "Comes Back Home' and the dream comes true. Now the king can 'Shine On.' 'Glory' starts with great horns and gives praises to the almighty hallelujah. EarthKry, Jamacia's hottest rising band, joins The Steppas on 'System' to help send the message of standing strong. Another guest in InnaVision joins in on the 'cool down' called 'Sticky Shirt.' Let them talk, talk you can't stop them anyway in 'Rumors.' 'Love Will Shine' through everything, just look within and show your strength from within. 'The Journey' ends with 'The Prayer.'


UB40 "For The Many"
Lets make this clear, this is one half of the original UB40 band. So the voice that has sung 90% of their songs is missing from Ali Campbell. His brother Duncan & company with lots of guests sing the songs instead. In fact to hear the difference, there's a new version of 'Moonlight Lover' to compare the two. If you have questions about the band you might listen to 'What Happened To UB40?' Regardless of whats going on with the two editions, this version says 'I'm Alright Jack.' The vibes kick in with the best track 'Gravy Train.' One thing I like in particular about this album that's different from the rest is the extended dub versions at the end of several songs. I will also say that its hard to match the level of Ali's singing and it is missed. With all due respect, the album is not as good as it could be with him missing yet there are tracks worthy of your ears.


Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Sowflo 'New Shoes'
Florida's leading touring reggae rock outfit Sowflo, are ready for the road again as they have "New Shoes." The album kicks off with 'Amalia' and it is the best song with the best melody. Their love shines and pushes through on 'Hitchhiker.' I love the edgy guitar riff in' Orion' and it explains that nature does not draw straight lines. The trombone is utilized best in the title track 'New Shoes.' Any the boys from SOwflo get together it's a 'Reggae Party' especially since the boys are 'Farmer In Suburbia.' Jacob and the crew are down to earth, simple and not a 'Rich Man.' 'You awake yet, rise & shine it's that 'Morning Thunder.' Musically this is the best tune that teases with that trombone of roots reggae and another a sweet melody. The song is also a great way to start the day. Make sure you are well awake when playing the rockinest song 'Armagideon' and the album ends with 'I Don't Think.' Overall, the album is more cultured, sophisticated and seasoned. Expect more as the boys are just getting started.


Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


The Neville Staple Band 'Put Away Your Knives'
This band is obviously fronted by the 2 tone the Legendary Neville Staple (ex The Specials, Fun Boy Three, Special Beat, Judge Roughneck and more) and wife, Sugary Staple (who recently co-wrote the highly acclaimed 'Rude Rebel's Album with Neville), both collaborated with Dandy Livingstone, another legendary ska figure and originator of 'Rudy, A Message To You,' to produce this lyrical and musical cry to the young people involved in knife crime. This follows the fatal stabbing, just 6 months ago, of Neville's 21-year-old grandson Fidel Glasgow. The killer has still not been caught. The song uses the same music & melody from 'Rudy, A Message To You.' The group has taken their messages to the youths too by visiting and speaking to the kids at schools and offenders.


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