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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Well Charged "Lift Up Sessions"
The Carolinas are a true budding reggae region in the US. In the 80's it was Awareness Art Ensemble (AAE) and Rolly Gray & Sunfire, who set the foundation. Reggae has always gone over well with all the college kids in those states. The area has it's own reggae festivals and literally over 100 working reggae bands, with several on a national level namely Treehouse, Sun Dried Vibes & Signal Fire (who play on the album). Now there's a new kid on the block soon to be added to this list with their debut release called 'Lift Up Sessions.' Well Charged fill a void in the growing scene. It's their genuine, authentic and traditional ska, rocksteady, and old school reggae sounds with soul. 'Family Time' sets the tone for the album as their best track. The melodies & harmonies set their music apart from the pack. 'A Dozen Roses' sounds like a love song of the 1960's. Instrumentals were popular back then and there are two noteworthy tracks on the 'Lift Up Sessions' and they are above par. Those tracks are 'Nearest Greene' and 'The Socket' definitely keep it interesting and real with the old organ sound, great original drum rolls and a touch of horns and xylophone. If you wanna feel the love & smell the 'Red Roses,' then Well Charged is your band.



Jo Mersa Marley & Damian Marley "Point Of View"
Two Marley's defend the ladies in their "Point Of View." 'As a father, from a sisters point of view and having a mother point of view, we've all got to do what we got to do.' 'Why do we rape our women, we need to be real with our women and respect them.


Fikir Amlak "Roots & Culture"
Last week when I saw this name I felt this artist finally found an outlet for his music so we are going to hear a lot from him. That hunch is now reality as he has another release this week in "Roots & Culture." This album has a good all around sound that stays steady throughout the album. Simply put he has a good sound. I cant quite pinpoint what makes him stand out. It might be his voice, the subtlties in his singing, the roots reggae & lovers sound, it could be his smooth sound or his common yet pertinent topics and lyrics. I'd say listen for yourself. I couldn't find much bad.


King Kong "Leave The Street"
King Kong is a veteran reggae/dancehall artist that can handle anything musically. His latest album "Leave The Street" is a good album with production that works for the King yet it could be better to bring out the best in the Kong. It's a solid album I just feel it could be better with musical tracks & riddims that fit his style better.


"State Of Emergency" Riddim Compilation
This new riddim called "State Of Emergency" will get the attention of the roots reggae lovers. It has the likes of Capleton & Kabaka Pyramid 'Hold Up Your Arms' as the lead off track and the best with the most potential. The new souljahs put in good efforts Kumar Fyah on the title track 'State Of Emergency' and the hot new rising stars Jah Lil with 'Zinc Fence City' and Jah Izrehl with 'Touch Di Road.'


"Alkebulan Riddim" Various Artists
As a really nice original roots reggae riddim, Alkebulan riddim is a solid production that has all good songs. Jah Mason starts it with the title track of the riddim and shows his experience and maturity. As a seasoned cultural DJ, Jah Mason shows he’s smoothed out his style around the edges. Publik Report has been coming very consistent with their releases lately. Showing up on several new riddims, their music is being felt on ‘Prove Dem Wrong.’ Newcomers Djani & Danny Rebel prove there is always room for more in the world of Reggae music, especially if you wanna catch ‘Jah Signal’ and if there’s a ‘Rebel In You.’



When King Jammy dropped the original digital dancehall track called "Sleng Teng" Jamaica went absolutely crazy and it forever changed reggae music. Now in 2018, Original Bass Foundation sets the vibe with a digital track that goes deeper than the original done by King Jammy. Shanti D starts off with the wickedest slurs and lets you know from jump that 'reggae music is apart of my life and is apart of me.' Based out of the European reggae capital........


Parly B "Lyrics Spree"
Parly B's "Lyrics Spree" is a testament to the 1980's & 1990's dancehall kingpins, Steely & Clevie. The duo were firmly planted at King Jammys in 1986, they formed their own label in 1987 and went on their own in the 1990's and set trends all along the way. Parly B's "Lyrics Spree" is a blueprint of the duos career as it takes you through the era's. Side A is basically the 80's & Side B the 90's. Parly's style adapted to the trends as well as the music changed along with the production: lyrically, stylistically & musically. This album could be used a product to show the differences of Steely & Clevies music thru the two decades.


"At The Controls" Producers Compilation Various Artists
As a very digitally based album "At The Controls" Producers Compilation, has dancehall, reggae, dub & electronic sounding digital tracks and songs. The first song to stand out is the digital roots song 'Right Track' and its from I Man Cruz & Crucial Ruler. It is a nice tune. The only other standout is King Silva's 'Flemme.' An instrumental track that stays interesting throughout the song by bringing the many different instruments at different times. It utilizes the drums, keys, horns, bass and guitar in different parts to keep the song moving & not looping everything in together to basically make a track but to show & highlight these musical instruments.



A Compilation of Songs of Holiday Caribbean music
The holidays are holy days for short. So it's literally holy days, religious, god fearing music for many. For others, its a time of cheer, festive gatherings, drinking, eating, and time with family & friends. The music of the season is very reflective of that as well. Brother D has a good song in 'Good Times' off of his new Christian album & done in a reggae style. The musical style parang is associated with the season so it only comes around that time of the year. I love it and wish it came out all year. The music as a style is a mix of soca, calypso & mento. Eldon Blackman has released two good original singles for the season: 'I Wish You A Merry Christmas' and 'This Christmas' with the sweet voice of Baron. Pudding is a popular dish this time of year and Trisha Hamilton has put a nice spin on the topic. Lastly, there's two different versions of a Spanish classic 'Feliz Navidad' with a Caribbean vibe and the two are very different.


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