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Shok Wave is your weekly new music blog featuring each weeks best new reggae releases from around the World & around the Corner. Also featured is anything musically Caribbean, namely reggae, dancehall, ska, soca, reggae rock, calypso, dub & zouk.


Vaughn Benjamin & Akae Beka


The first release of the week comes from our modern day luminary out of St Thomas US Virgin Islands. It's Vaughn Benjamin & Akae Beka, the lead singer formerly of Midnite. This is a different vibration that not all can actually tune into. It's on a different frequency. It takes some time & 'Faith.' The new project is from the Zion High crew who always have top quality productions and add to this album. 'Livicated' is for those faithful to the positivity of mankind & bringing down the walls of babylon. A good introduction to this voice & contrasting style is the first track of the album 'Firmness.' It's 'Livicated' to our 'Daughtaz And Sunz.' There's a deepness that reveals and uses a verbage not typical of most music today as found in 'Usward.' This is more of Vaughn's singing voice. Many will be lost while others will hear the light as Akae Beka puts it 'make it or fail' in 'Discreet.' It's always better to be that way. 'Loose The Gates' has to be appreciated for its use of the words & sayings.



Uwe Banton - 'Put It Down'


Uwe Banton releases a video & song from 2013 for the first time in an unplugged version of 'Put It Down.' Shot on his trip to Costa Rica. He is accompanied by the very talented local Kumary Sawyers.




Pentateuch - 'Crime'


Pentateuch has released the first single from their upcoming album. The track is 'Crime' & it's very nice & very straightforward in the Pentateuch style we love so much.




The Resistance Riddim


The Resistance riddim from the Firehouse Crew & courtesy of United World music has a nice vibe to it. My favorites are Tony Curtis' 'Rainy Day & Jahdan Blakkamore's 'You Gonna Loose Her.'


The Cabrians - 'Sun & Shadow Heroes'


The Cabrians have released a great new album 'Sun & Shadow Heroes' and will be my early vote for ska album of the year. It's with great delight to discover this new album & band out of Spain. The album sounds great and it comes courtesy of Liquidator records. The first song off the album is one of my favorites 'Something in My Salad.' The next song to strike does so because it makes you 'Shake Your Bump' and has a bit of a rocksteady vibe. The track 'The Great Conspiration' ventures into old school styled calypso. Sounds good to hear this style again. The instrumental track 'Mary Pomuls' is great with the classic organ sound and the steppers skunking guitar. 'Hossana' is the ska track you've been looking for with great harmonies and melody. 'Time Map' takes you back to the days of Independence in Jamaica with their authentic ska sounds to have fun. 'The Big 100' is more fun and a little at the expense of someone else. It does have a serious side too. The final & title track is also the instrumental version of 'The Great Conspiracy.' The track is so good that it works as an instrumental too. The clarinet styles sax holds it strong. These Rude Boys get RUDE too, so be warned.

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