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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!

Instead of not doing a blog this week we decided to list a bunch of good songs that released. I did not find anything great just good. Maybe this should be the start of an additional playlist? What do you think?


We have had two weeks of the best of 2021 so now we return to our weekly blog again and things have been a bit slow so it worked out well. This accumulated over those 2 weeks.
Ginjah 'Don't Let Go'
Great words of advice from Ginjah that says 'whenever you find someone that really loves you, don't let go.' So true!! Too many times we think there may be someone better when the one you need is right there with you. Never take love for granted.
Mellow Mood and The Emeterians 'I & I Chant'
Two of Europes best join forces on 'I & I Chant.' Italy's Mellow Mood and Spain's The Emeterians join forces and chant with tears in their eyes to see what is going on in the world. It is sad, we will perservere and this song will help us get through.
Various Artists "Rising Riddim'
A nice riddim with good songs. Nice to hear a good Capleton. He's been putting out alot of muzik thats been decent this one stands out 'Jah Preserves My Soul.' Chrisiniti has releases a nice one too in 'Can't Get Enough.' Fantan Mojah also has been releasing quite bit and this one stands out as well 'Dem Never Know.' Luciano sounds good on 'Jah Is Stronger.' Newcomer Stephanie Wallace
Ras Tweed "Balance"
Ras Tweed is a name that has floated around for years. Nothing ever really caught our ear until now. We believe credit has to go to the producer for bringing out the best of the talent. Roberto Sanchez & his A - Lone Productions have a consistent musical excellence especially when it comes to roots reggae. The album "Balance" is the combination of Ras Tweed & Roberto Sanchez. The first song we actually heard was
a nice little tune that has a vibe about 'People.' So come on 'People Are People' so enjoy!!! Very Simple and this song was the one that made us search for more. This is what we found. Teh album "Balance" and the first song on the album is a command to 'Bide Up, rise up and love every day.' 'Balagan' speaks of no trouble man.' It's defined as a fiasco.'Queen Rasta' is a nice tune for the heartical empresses. 'Agony' reminds me of the 80's dancehall. The tune itself is one of the better on the album. It says 'oh what an agony oh what a shame, The nice smooth vocals and harmonies really add to the song. The title track is 'what we need...on earth' to help us proceed. Interestingly, U Brown has a solo tune on Ras Tweed's album called 'Fraud Inna Me Yard.' The Ras knows how to 'Bounce and slide pon di riddim.' These days there's lots of songs about bad mind. 'I Don't Know' if we should sing about it. Doesn't that give them more power? We suggest if you're going to sing about the bad, do as the Tweed does and 'put a 'Fyah Pon di Gun dem.' This a great making of music as it is a "Balance" of the artist Ras Tweed and producer Roberto Sanchez. A "Balance" between the two.
Andrew Bees 'Real Life'
A nice hybrid of Jamaican reggae artist with an American reggae producer. Actually think it came out better this way on this one. The melody makes it.


The Moon Invaders 'Ride On Donkey'
The UpSessions 'Walk Don't Run'
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the second round of the BADASONIC RECORDS SOUNDCLASH SERIES: The Low Countries Derby! A challenge: Where one band plays the song of the other. On the South corner, the devils in disguise back from the grave, the rocksteady kings from Belgium: THE MOON INVADERS hitting it hard on the Upssesions’ Ride On Donkey! And on the North corner, the Flying Dutchmen, the boss reggae champions from The Netherlands: THE UPSESSIONS revisiting the Moon Invaders’ Walk Don’t Run! Good stuff, they both do the others justice for sure. It's released as a double sided 45. Check the vibes here


Chuck Gordon 'Bad Gyal Rona'
The truth about Corona virus inna soca stylee.


Sister China 'Jam The Calypso'
Its so crazy we just finished our best of the 1980's style reggae & dancehall muzik we found in 2021podcast. The first song we listen to after its completion is this 80's style dancehall tune called 'Jam The Calypso.' Crazy so maybe the trend will continue into 2022.
Lyricson 'No Worry'
A dancehall/reggae tune with positivity because rasta 'No Worry.' Originally from Guinea moved as a very young child to Liberia because of the revolution then as a teenager to the US where he discovered rasta & reggae music.
Various Artists "Booyaka Riddim"
In 2021 we had lots of good 80's sounding reggae & dancehall. 2022 is quickly becoming the same except this time it's a 90's vibe mostly dancehall. Here's one the "Booyaka riddim." The top artists have the top songs. The youngsters a hold on


Pacific Roots 'Believe'
From their album "Still Standing,' 'Believe' is the best song because if 'y'all wont believe in me I'll just believe in myself.'


Pablo 'Yo Ki Di Ou'
Its been too long since we hear a sweet bonafide zouk so here you go



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