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SHOK WAVE: Your weekly new Reggae music blog that fits all the new Caribbean music possible. SHOK WAVE includes: reggae in all it's forms, dancehall, soca, calypso, ska, dub, reggae rock & anything else with a Caribbean root.


Buzzrock - 'Dub it Before'

If you like to dub with your lady to reggae than this is the song for you: Buzzrock 'Dub It Before.'




Ammoye - 'The Light'

Canadian songstress, reggae & soul singer Ammoye releases her latest album 'The Light.' A very talented singer who I feel was not exploited enough on this release. I feel with her talent, I feel the light should have really shone bright. There are a few spotlights like on 'Bloody Fiya,' 'Are You Ready' & 'Soul Rebel.' No hits in my opinion just decent tracks.




 Zion I - 'Dub In Zion'

Zion I always has great productions and their new dub album 'Dub In Zion' is nothing less than good. Even if you are not the biggest fan of dub, you have to love the quality & the sound. The album starts off with the old school vibe when they would sample sounds into the dubs as they use the old telephone ring throughout that first track 'Babylon Remove Dub.' 'Humble Thyself Dub' shows the great instrumentation of their team and even a guitar solo. 'Eye Frequency Dub' & 'H.I.M. Teachings Dub' both show that straight ahead dub style. 'Into Law Dub' keeps it interesting with it's oriental sound to it. Dub fans will be 'Dub In Zion.'




6Points Band- 'How Far'

6 Points is someone completely new to me. 'How Far' will you get with the same mind set? Is his question to everyone right now. One has to learn and in order to learn we have to grow & in order to grow, you have to be able to change mind set. Live & learn, listen & grow. Very Nice sound. In their release of the sound they release a dub vocal & dub mix with the single.




Caesars Palace Riddim Mix

Free Willy released the new reggae riddim called 'Ceasars Palace.' It has a digital roots feel to it, reminiscent of the 80's. Ataru asks 'wha gwaan' "Inna Reggae." Fantan Mojah, one of my favorite underrated artists, returns with 'OutLaw.' "I respect the law but I am an Outlaw." Very well put. Nature has been on a hot trail with his latest releases. 'Babylon Nuh Come My Way' is his next release to add to the catalogue of hits. New Kidz is one person. He as no intention of slowing down. The fact that he doesn't stop & 'Keep On' will get him through.




Reggae Vibes - 'The Vault Series 2'

Reggae Vibes has released the second in their series 'The Vault.' It has two riddims 'De Loot,' a dancehall riddim and the one I am feeling the reggae riddim 'Money Maker.' With names like Luciano, Gyptian, Cutty Ranks, Bushman, Terry Ganzie & Ras Shiloh it's going to be a big riddim. With the exception of Ras Shiloh's 'The System,' it's all the newcomers that provide the hits. Prince Theo has been at it a long time and he has found the formula on 'Stress Free.' That same formula works for Nico on 'Never Talk About It.' Lastly, Woppulous 'Dem No Like Me.'




Yesssrudeboi x Kwasante - 'My Love'

I hear alot about African reggae or what is called reggae in some form from Africa yet never hear anything I like. The interesting thing is I found this track because the similarity in name to mine. It is produced by Black Kulcha. Here's the song info: Yesssrudeboi x Kwasante - 'MY LOVE' (African Fire Riddim).


Popcaan- 'Still Feel Good'

Popcaan is one of my favorite artists and he's finally released a clean version of a song I like. He's released several songs I've liked just not clean enough for me to play, I guess I'm Ol Skool. The new song, as it says, is a 'Feel Good' song called 'Still Feel Good.'




Gentleman - 'Ovaload' feat. Sean Paul

Two of my favorites join forces on 'Ovaload.' It has a dancehall vibe with Sean Paul being fetured on Gentleman's new album & song. Basically, it says you gotta be you & if people don't like you for it, so be it.




Bazza T - 'Slow Wine'

My favorite dancehall songs have a sexy side to them and are geared towards the lovers & the ladies. Bazza T has just done that with his new release called 'Slow Wine.'




Bad Gyal - 'Jacandra'

A new dancehall sensation has risen out of the West. Her name is Bad Gyal & she's from my new hot spot for music.....Spain. Her track is 'Jacandra' and is produced by DUBBEL DUTCH. In a week the video already has over half a million views. The girls definitely bad and this is her best song yet.


General D - 'I Am Ah Drinka'

When it comes to Carnival, there are several necessities these days: wining, jumping, the road, costumes, and now probably the biggest element: drinking. The latest from General D for Barbados Crop Over is the new theme song for ragga soca lovers 'I Am Ah Drinka.'


Gondwana - 'Carpe Diem'

One of my favorite bands in the whole wide world released a brand new album called 'Carpe Diem.' 'Carpe Diem' basically means to seize the moment, use the opportunity now and relates well to staying present & in the moment. I have been following the career of Gondwana since Ras Records brought them to my attention back in the late 80's and early 90's. I've never known them to do much musically other than reggae. The new album sees one of their best tracks, the title track as a good funk type of song with no reggae in sight. They use unknown singer & guitar player formerly of Bachaco & now apart of Jahfe as the singer on this track. Matthew Jacquette is also used on the albums lead single 'We Push Away Good Memories,' which also features Kymani Marley. It has a reggae & pop feel to it, & is already working well at radio. 'Amor Sin Fronteras' is their top reggae track while 'No Es El Fin' is great because I want 30 more years out of them & 'Suave Pero Intensivo' are there supplemental reggae album cuts. There's also dub tracks to 2 of the above mentioned tracks as well as 'Susuro,' which also another favorite. Expanding their horizons while they can, Gondwana ALWAYS puts out good music.

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