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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!

Lots of great reggae singles this week




Brother Dan Meets King Solomon
Brother Dan comes with a heavy rastaman tune 'Thank You Jah' Rastafari. Great song to praise the king. True roots & culture 'for the giving of thanks, give thanks.'


Capleton featured on 'Day By Day' with Sud Sound System
This is a good modern day roots reggae/dancehall track from Jamaican stalwart Capleton in combination with Italy's Sud Sound System. Italy is becoming one of the major forces in Europe for reggae and this is a testament to that contribution. This continues the thanks & praises.


'Roots' Luciano & Reggae Power House Band
Reggae Power House Band is stacked with talent. Talent that has veteran status just aren't known. Now they have found that combination of the right musicians to quickly become the veterans of recognition they deserve. This is their fourth single & their best yet. it's called 'Roots' & features Luciano. Currently touring Africa. This is the band to look out & listen for in the now


'Freedom' Beres, Marcia, Boog & Fyah
This has the veterans & the young lions combined with the experience & sound of Bulby York at the sound tower to give it that modern feel of roots reggae, the foundation of the music. It is what everyone wants.....'Freedom.' The man that leads the way is Beres Hammond and then J Boog comes to blaze the trail for the new generation while the Queen Marcia puts her golden touch on things to let the real Fyah burn with Lutan. Solid.


Stephen Marley, Gramps & Mojo Morgan 'Be Free.'
Imagine psychedelic rock, meets reggae with a disco/dance groove. This one sets you free from 'what everyone wants you to be', so just 'Be Free.' Wait... is that a Marley track I hear sampled? It's coming to me.... It's a pre-release and somebody has already got it up on Youtube for you to hear ...uh Oh


Stefflon Don 'Secure'
This is a review of Stefflon Don's new mixtape 'Secure' from a reggae & dancehall perspective. I know the name, have heard a few songs that were claiming to be dancehall and was never really taken by the music. My ratings for Stefflon Don are now 'Secure.' Very impressed by this new album from a dancehall & reggae perspective. I can appreciate her talent on her hip hop & rap tracks, just WAY too dirty lyrics for my liking. So we will focus on what we know: Reggae & Dancehall. She has strong Jamaican & English heritage and she represents well. The first track that grabs my attention is 'Pretty Girl,' which features Tiggs Da Author, who's just as impressive. The song uses the melody from an older dancehall track called 'Tuck In Yu Belly' from Leftside & Eco. These two's contrasting of styles on their two tracks, works really well. Tiggs is a great singer I have never heard or known and he also appears on another nice track 'Favourite Girl.' My only problem is that it uses one bad word in my book. 'Hurtin' Me' (the remix) is a big tune as it features 3 of Jamaica's best dancehall artists all with different styles & all on one track: Sean Paul, Popcaan & Sizzla. Sizzla ends the song & it leaves you wanting more. Stefflon's last song to big up Jamaica is 'Senseless.' More of straight forward Drake sounding dancehall track. This one needs an edit too. This girl is gone and thanks for taking reggae & dancehall with you.




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