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SHOK WAVE: REGGAE BLOG BEST OF 2016 February 2, 2017

Every week Shok Wave reviews all the Caribbean styled music that comes across our laptop from reggae, reggae rock, ska, zouk, soca, calypso, dancehall and whatever anyone is doing in that vein or language as well as Caribbean nationals doing music. So this may be a bit partial as I don't get or come across everything. These are the ones I got or found. Here's the best of what I got and there's a lot as well as  different categories.


Best Imitation

Tenor Youthman- 'Mi Lion'

Tenor Youthman Mi Lion Vistory Rock Again riddim

Best Imitation or Shall We Say Best Compliment of the year, Tenor Youthman sounding the closest thing I've ever heard to Eek-A-Mouse with 'Mi Lion.'




Best Reggaeton

Flying Gaybo - 'Quiero Bailar Contigo'

Flying Gaybo Quiero Bailar Contigo Grenada

I am not a big fan of reggaeton, here's the best reggaeton/soca song of the year as well as one of the best I have ever heard. Flying Gaybo of Grenada with 'Quiero Bailar Contigo.'




Most Adventurous Production

DizTroy - Mystic Strings ft. Mystic Davis


Most Adventurous Production: comes from the team called DizTroy and it features Mystic Davis with a track called 'Mystic Strings.'




Best Reggae Rock Song from a Florida Band

Jacuzzi Fuzz - 'In Orbit'

Jacuzzi Fuzz In Orbit Florida
Best Reggae Rock Song from a Florida Band: Jacuzzi Fuzz blew me away with their new track 'In Orbit.'




Best New Reggae Band

Earth Kry - 'Hard Road'


Best New Reggae Band: Earth Kry is this year's winner. The band made the top ten Global Contest at the end of 2015 and launched them into 2016. It set them up for their debut album 'Hard Road.'




Ska Album of the Year

The Cabrians - 'Sun & Shadow Heroes'

The Cabrians Sun & Shadow Heroes Spain

The Frits - 'The Greatest Frits'


Ska Album of the Year: A tie, the two are The Cabrians 'Sun & Shadow Heroes'  & The Frits 'The Greatest Frits.' Two great bands form two countries that put out great ska Spain & Germany




The Most Versatile Artist of the Year

Tarrus Riley - 'Who Am I To You'

Tarrus Riley ellie-goulding

The Most Versatile Artist of the Year: Tarrus Riley. This year he released his first soca tune 'Who Am I To You.'


Then there's the dancehall flavored dance tune 'One More Song' with Craigy T, which has become one of my favorite songs.


Then there's 'Cool Me Down' one of my favorite reggae songs for the year.


Remember this one it was a different dancehall vibe.


He was a BIG part of Crime Free Christmas & did one of the only original tunes 'Stay Alive.'


Do Not forget he crossed over this year too when he recorded with Major Lazer for the big hit 'Powerful.'




Soca Riddim of the Year

Lip Service Riddim Mix


Soca Riddim of the Year: 2016 was such a BIG year to me for soca that I had to pick both 'Lip Service'  from producer Precision Productions. The riddim is named after Machel Montano's 'Lip Service' song. Machel is still the biggest thing in soca. K Rich has really come on strong and his song, 'Feels Like Love,' is one of his best and continues his momentum in the soca arena. Kreesha Turner is on that same path and has my favorite cut with 'I Will Be Here,' a real love song. Preddy, GBM & Rock City all seal the riddim.

Alien Riddim Mix

Alien Soca riddim St Lucia Wildfire Superman

The other soca riddim is 'Alien' and it was produced by Imran 'Nerdy' Magloire (Rapid Entertainment) and Francis 'Leebo' Delima (Heights Music).




Best Reggae Newcomer

Dalton Harris - 'Unfaithful Chronicles'

Dalton Harris Unfaithful Chronicles Jamaica

Best Reggae Newcomer: Dalton Harris I love his song 'Unfaithful Chronicles' and that's all it's based on.




Soca Newcomer

Ultimate Rejects Ft Flipo Addiction

Ultimate Rejects Trinidad

Soca Newcomer goes to a new group of not so new soca industry players. It is Ultimate Rejects which is made up of MX Prime one of my favorite soca singers.




Soca Remix of the Year

Ziah & Baron - 'Doh Rock It So'

Ziah Baron Doh Rock It So

Calypso Rose, Manu Chao & Machel Montano - 'Leave Me Alone'

Calypso Rose Machel Montano Leave Me Alone remix

Soca Remix of the Year: Have two again, the first is Ziah & Baron 'Doh Rock It So' and the other is Calypso Rose, Manu Chao & Machel Montano 'Leave Me Alone.' Both have that ol skool calypso vibe with the new breed.




The Comeback of the Year


Rupee Counting My Blessings

The Comeback of the Year: Rupee has put out an onslaught of music in 2016 and it all has been good. If your memory has failed you, maybe these links will help.




Reggae Album of the Year

Raging Fyah - 'Everlasting'


Sara Lugo & Friends


Irie Souljah - 'Immigrant'

Irie Souljah Immigrant

Fyah T - 'The Real Rebellious'

Fyah T The Real Rebellious

Reggae Album of the Year: This is probably the hardest one because there are 4 great albums in the running for this category. They are Raging Fyah 'Everlasting,' Sara Lugo & Friends, Irie Souljah 'Immigrant' and Fyah T 'The Real Rebellious.'




Best Kulcha Latino

Malaka Youth's - 'Non Stop'


Green Valley

green-valley-nuevo disco
Kulcha Latino track of the year is Malaka Youth's 'Non Stop' and band is Green Valley. Kulcha Latino is reggae done in Latin & Spanish.




Best Trinidadian doing Reggae

Ziggy Rankin's - 'Dance Turn Over'

Ziggy Rankin Dance Turn Over Eyes Riddim

Patrice Roberts & Busy Signal's - 'O Baby'

Patrice Roberts Busy Signal O Baby
Best Trinidadian doing Reggae is Ziggy Rankin's 'Dance Turn Over' & Patrice Roberts & Busy Signal's 'O Baby.'




Best Soca/Calypso

Grynner - Turn On De Speaker

Grynner Turn On De Speaker

Best Soca/Calypso 'Turn On De Speaker' Grynner




Best Dancehall Album

Mr Vegas 'This is Dancehall'

This Is Dancehall Mr Vegas

Best Dancehall Album Mr Vegas 'This is Dancehall.'

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