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Kulcha Shok presents your weekly new Reggae Music Blog called SHOK WAVE. It consists of any and all forms of reggae & Caribbean music: dancehall, ska, soca, dub, lovers rock, reggae rock and in any language.



Stephen Marley - 'Music is Alive'

Reggae Stephen Marley Damian Marley Painkiller Fruit of life Jamaica Miami

Stephen Marley continues to push his new album with the latest single called 'Music is Alive.' He is definitely keeping it alive with the help of Painkiller & brother Damian Marley. Two things catch about this one: the 80's/90's hip hop beat & the rap/flow of Stephen on this one. Check it!



Black Dillinger feat. Ruby Gold - 'Letter to Thuli Madonsela'

Reggae Black Dillinger feat. RubyGold - Cape Town South Africa

Out of Africa comes Black Dillinger feat. Ruby Gold with 'Letter to Thuli Madonsela.' First, Thuli Madonsela is a Public Protector in South Africa who is blatantly against corruption. Recently, she has become the target of a death threat and this is one letter that actually has the potential to be answered. One of Africa's more consistent reggae artists.




King Jammy/Black Uhuru - 'New Sounds of Freedom'

Reggae Black Uhuru New Sounds of Freedom King Jammy Jamaica

The classic King Jammy produced Black Uhuru's album 'Black Sounds of Freedom' has been re-released again as 'New Sounds of Freedom' with many of today's contemporary artists and veterans. The list includes: Bounty Killer, Uroy, Kabaka Pyramid & Alborosie. Classic tracks like 'Sorry For The Man,' 'Love Crisis,' 'African Love,' & 'Eden Out Deh' with Dre Island still sound great. The ones that stand strongest are those ones where both Black Uhuru & the new version/artist connect. Those songs are the single of 'King Selassie Throne' with Chronixx and 'Leave Satan Business' with Gentleman.




Junior Natural - 'Soldiers'

Reggae Junior Natural Soldiers Sly Robbie Sweden Uppsala Jamaica

UPPsala, Sweden is home to their Biggest reggae festival. Now Sweden is turning out another talented reggae singer named Junior Natural. His new single we just got and it will be the name of his album as well with Sly & Robbie 'Soldiers.' Definitely one of Jah Jah Soldiers.




Shaky J - 'Bangarang'

Reggae Jazz Shaky J Banagarang Jamaica Toronto Canada

My favorite combination of two musical genres is reggae & jazz. This week we have gotten the new album from Shaky J of Jamaica based in Canada with 'Bangarang.' And what a 'Bangarang' it is. It fuses these two musics together with rock as well. The press release states "As a solo musician Shaky J creates rock infused reggae with an old-school dub feel that sounds reminiscent of a young Lee Scratch Perry." I think the jazz part definitely needs to be added because it also says "sounds like Ernie Ranglin." Ernie is the king of the reggae/jazz fusion on guitar. You tell me...

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