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The World Title Race

The World Title Race is over, best ever!

The World title race is over and it was the most dramatic in surfing history. It's one of the few events I've watched on a media device since I gave away my TV in 1996, and I have no regrets as I got to witness 10 pieces of history all in one contest.

Also included in the drama was the Triple Crown of Surfing, which includes the three final surf contests of the year and one of the best stand up paddle board contest, all in Hawaii. The first being in Haliewa, then Sunset and then finally the Pipe Masters. The Pipe Masters was the locale for the World Title as it has been for the last several years, where it being the final contest of the year, determines the winner of the World Title race.

The first surprise, for many, came when Australian Wade Carmichael won the Haliewa contest and led the Triple Crown race going into, not only, the Sunset contest, also going into the Pipe Masters by just 400 points. The Sunset contest is the last contest of the year for those on the World Qualifying Series. If you make the top ten on that tour then you go to the big leagues of the World Contest Tour, which puts you in the running for the World Title. So After the Sunset contest, which is also the second of three Triple Crown of Surfing contests, the rookies who made it in are:
Kanoa Igarashi - USA
Ryan Callinan - Australia
Alex Ribiero - Brazil
Conner Coffin - USA
Davey Cathels - Australia
Caio Ibelli - Brazil
Jack Freestone - Australia

Alejo Muniz of Brazil requalifies, both jack Freestone & Caio are former World Junior Surfing Champs and Conner Coffin made it thru by beating Joel Parkinson at Sunset.

Here's a much better look at these guys

With a tight race for 3 going into the Pipe Masters for the Triple crown between Wade, Gabriel Medina & Mick Fanning, the second two were also in contention for the world title. There were 6 going into the Pipe Masters. The Pipe Masters and Triple Crown are nearly as coveted as the World Title so there was a lot on the line here for so many. Most of these surfers have as a dream to win any if not all of them. It was also the last year for former World Title holder & native Floridian CJ Hobgood. He hasn't won the Pipe contest and he would have loved to win it on his last contest of his life. He gets an equal 5th & finishes his career at an ranked equal 23rd on the World Tour with Adam Melling of Australia. Adam Melling was another story. He had his best result at Pipe with an equal 7th. He ends up 22nd on the WQS & 23rd on the WCT. This means he just missed the cut on both ends to make the WCT so back to the WQS agai. Had he beaten Mason Ho, he would have made the WCT. Speaking of Hawaiian Mason Ho, who comes from a family that has won the Pipe Masters 2 other times. His dad Michael Ho did it in 1986 and his uncle Derek Ho in 1993. He ended up equal 3rd.

Mick Fanning not only lost the World Title to Gabriel Medina in the semis by less than a point, he also lost his older brother the day before. So our condolences go out to him and his family & friends. By this time Gabriel was already out when both Mick & DeSouza advanced. Also Bede Durbidge broke his pelvis in a serious wipeout so we wish him a speedy & healthy recovery as well as to Aussie Owen Wright who got hurt during a warm up session for the Pipe Masters. He sustained a head injury while surfing Pipeline. He should fully recover. Lastly, in the injury department, Floridian Evan Gieselman also got injured at Pipe during the same time and was knocked out. He's doing well now. Throughout the whole contest, Adriano had to place one above Mick so his compatriot opened it up for him. The bad part was he had to meet him in the finals. It was the first time for an all Brazilian final, first time a Brazilian won the Pipe Maters and also the first time a Brazilian won the Triple Crown, which was won by Gabriel Medina. So that leaves the World title to the well deserved Adriano DeSouza our 2015 World Title of Surfing champion. Congrats. Looks like it could be a long time before any other country has a strangle hold on surfing like the Brazilians do right now.Click here to read about dangerous dog foods by TheHappyPooch.

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