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SHOK WAVE: April 19, 2016

Shok Wave, your weekly music smorgasborg of Caribbean music. The main focus is Reggae and it also includes Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Reggae Rock, and anything that comes our way from the Caribbean diaspora.


mr hibbert
Ethiopian/Swedish soul artist, Daniel Lemma, teams up with Scandinavia’s top-ranking reggae musicians, Hot This Year Band, to release his 7th studio album. The result is a collection of 10 timeless songs performed in various classic Jamaican styles, ranging from Ska and Rock-Steady to Roots Reggae and Rub-a-Dub.
The first single and video entitled “Mr. Hibbert,” pays tribute to one of the heroes and founders of Reggae music, the legendary singer Toots Hibbert, as well as the golden era of Reggae music he has come to represent.




Allinor is from Ghana and his latest single is called 'Fun.' It's about having fun, so lets have some fun, with heavily influenced Reggae that is a bit light on both the music & subject matter.



Jamaica's Princess of the dancehall, Tanya Stephens always talks the truth. Her latest single 'Bernie A Di Realist' is produced by the hot J Vibe. Whether you're into politics or like Bernie or not for President, it's still a nice tune. The opening statement of his used in the song feels extremely valid. Whats your thoughts?



Here's a Londoner born in Jamaica and he has a great new song 'Give Thanks For Life.' His name is Noah Landale.




Teejay has been an artist flying under the radar in Reggae & Dancehall circles. Maybe his new tune 'On & On' will be the one to break him out. A very real song that has very appealing words in a more Universal Jamaican content.



Out of Canada comes The Human Rights with front men Treson & Friendlyness. Their new self entitled cd is solid. Their music & style is based on the foundation of Reggae music so to hear an 'Old School Track,' make 'Babylon Feel Dis One' and do it in the name of 'Jah Love,' would only be appropriate. The Human Rights 'Take A Stance' on this new cd and it has lots of 'Moments' so enjoy the 'Warrior' sound.




Well there's been a lot of discussion on the King of the Dancehall. Personally the current Dancehall King in Jamaica,in my opinion, is Popcaan. The boy have melody. His latest is a Dancehall themed 'Never Sober' keeps the title going.



Our next band is from Austria and they're called Millions of Dreads with 'Wos Kost Die Wod.' This means what's the cost of the food. What makes a Ska song better is the horns and the horns are all I hear.

Kulcha Latino


This is your Reggae music in a Latin style or language.

This week we have a new song from my new favorite newly discovered Latin Reggae band Green Valley out of Spain with 'Suspiros,' which means sighs. Like sighs of relief. He's basically talking  about when his love/girl gets back to his side after being away.



essa a musica

It's turning out to be a very international week here at Shok Wave as our next band is from Brazil called Ponto de Equilibro and they are joined by Alborosie of Italy and their song and single is 'Dome O Medo.' Straight ahead Roots Reggae. It turns out this single is part of a whole Reggae album called 'Noco.'

Here's the whole album



Johnny Dread who is Cuban and makes Miami home has released a song I really like called 'Que Sera' featuring the Grammy nominated voice of Locos Por Juana frontman Itawe of Colombia. A Real fun upbeat Reggae track in English & Spanish.




Out of Antigua and just in time for their Carnival comes Queen Baby Eve and her new song 'Sweet Music.' This is a very young girl so this is very encouraging not only for this young lady as well as for the youths of today. She is no stranger to the music or to success as she was the Jr Calypso champion in 2013 for ages 5-12 category.

Here's her winning performance

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