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Keaton Billings aka That’s So Keaton

Name: Keaton Everet Billings

Athlete, Artist, Environmentalist

Age: 13

Stance: goofy

Home Break: Paradise Beach

Favorite Wave: left anything above 3 feet

Favorite Music: Classic Rock

Hobbies: tinkering with computers, surfing, skating, art, music-playing guitar

Favorite Surf Flik: A Hatteras odyssey

Favorite Surfer: Dave Rastavich

Proudest Moment: I got male surfer of the year in the water-man challenger

Favorite Subject: quantum physics, forensics and marine science

Black Atlantic Surfboards /Hammer Traction / Kulcha Shok Muzik / Sharkbanz / @TurqSport /  @BadgerBalm / Freaker USA / Coastal Republic