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Reggae Sundays – The Oak Garden @ Smartbites

Upcoming Reggae Sundays

The Birth of Reggae Sundays

Reggae Sundays has consistently been a rite of passage on Sundays in Miami since 2006. It started at Jazid on South Beach and in its first two years it was voted "Best Reggae Night" in Miami. Affectionately known as 'Church' and a ritual that includes all that is reggae. Reggae Sundays features mainly live bands and DJs. The original venue implemented visuals through mainly videos such as dvds, movies, music videos, documentaries, slide shows, photos and on occasion, art. Kulcha Shok has also had book release parties, album releases, press, music & video shoots as well as discussions. After a 10 year run at Jazid on South Beach, Church moved to The Wynwood Yard to provide an open air and family friendly atmosphere where it was voted "Best Sunday Vibes" in the Miami New Times.  Reggae Sunday now resides at the beautiful outdoor, all inclusive and sustainably conscious Oak Garden @ Smartbites right outside of Wynwood. Reggae Sundays continues to be a home for the reggae loving community to congregate. It has and still continues to be a platform for djs, singers, performers and rising stars to perform and build not only their confidence but also their career. Kulcha Shok has always had an open door policy to provide opportunities to the Reggae Community at large.

Guest Performances at Reggae Sundays

Reggae Sundays as a stage has provided the right energy for our first spontaneous performance from Warrior King to our last at Jazid with the legendary Horace Andy, who didn't want to stop and ran out of musical tracks to keep performing. Andy blamed Kulcha Shok for the good vibes and extended well received performance! Kulcha Shok's weekly Reggae Sundays, is the second longest running reggae night in all of Miami and the only one done with an outside promoter, Kulcha Shok. The consistency of this night, as a weekly and prominent reggae night put Kulcha Shok's name out there & helped them maintain the strong presence in the Florida reggae circuit. Kulcha Shok also held a residency at Boston's on the Beach in Delray for the same amount of time as Jazid. Kulcha Shok also helped book and produce the night with different weekly house reggae bands and upcoming opening acts. This night at Bostons was in the running for the longest running reggae night anywhere and remaining in the same venue since its inception, over 35 years ago in 1981. Kulcha Shok has been there since 2006, until the unfortunate end of Boston's weekly live music nights in 2018. But the Reggae Scene is now bigger than ever... so many nights of the week, Kulcha Shok can be found here in Florida or on the road somewhere promoting & pushing the reggae music for the masses.

Marley Brothers Bless Reggae Sundays

One of the most memorable & talked about nights at Reggae Sundays, is when the Marleys, namely Damian & Stephen took over Reggae Sundays with their 'Set Up Shop Vol 1.' Stephen selected & Damian MC'd. Then once the album was done they freestyled for another hour and had the place like it had never been or ever will be again. On several occasions the Marleys have revisited Reggae Sundays with Julian Marley, Skip Marley, Spragga Benz, Determine, Jo Mersa, Daniel Bambatta, Yohan Marley & several other of the grandchildren.

More Live Performances

March 2016 of Reggae Sundays at Jazid saw several of it's most memorable nights, which included Gentleman out of Germany. He took it to the audience. With the only live performance using a wireless mic, Gentleman literally went right in the middle of the crowd and performed there the whole night. As a surprise to everyone there, was the cameo performance of Christopher Martin with Gentleman.

Reggae Sundays has also seen the likes of Levi Myaz, Pressure Busspipe, Freddie McGregor, the 2016 Grammy winning members of Morgan Heritage Mojo & Gramps perform there as well. Other performers include Mykal Rose, Everton Blender, Glen Washington, Frankie Paul, Half Pint, Jahdan Blakkamore, Revelation, Singing Sweet and Tyrical, Teflon, Agent, Queen Omega, Keida, Omari Banks, Million Stylez, Raging Fyah, New Kingston, Sol Seed, Roots Of Creation, Mighty Mystic, Da Professor, Perfect Giddimani, Ras Attitude,Willi One Blood, Jovi Rockwell, Bezerk, Jahman, Cruz Rock, Fyakin, Kristine Alicia, Natty Remo, JahMali, Uwe Banton, Tippy I, No Maddz, Hor!zen, Ras Kokay, Khari Kill, Johnny Dread, Tarmac (Colombia), Kabaka Pyramid, Cheezy & the Crackers, TreeHouse, Tuff Like Iron, Uma Galera, Treesha (Africa), Addis Pablo, Suns of Dub, P Dub, Gondwana, InFluential, I Jer, Menny More, Kyenie, Ras Ijah, Mystic Soul, Andy-ites, Phil Watkis, Itawe of Locos Por Juana, Alimona, Kolabo, Derrick Lara of the Tamlins, Ian Sweetness, Kehv, Natty Vibes (Hawaii), Cassafaya, & Fhokuss....and many more.

Staples at Reggae Sundays have been Jahfe, InnaSense, 4th Dimension, Mixed Culture, Red Lyte, Army Gideon, Jah Steve & the Counteract Crew, Rythmadix, Three of We (which included Drum Rat - Red Rat's brother on drums and Papa San's brother on keys), Southwood/Sweetbone & Fitzroy.

Reggae Sundays Selectors / DJs

DJs Walshy Fire, Tom LaRoc, Waggy T, Poison Dart's Kirky C, Bizzari Italy, Shyne J, Alamaeda Sounds Spain,
Silver Star, Sentinel Sound Germany, PeppaBoxx, DJ Le Spam, Mixmaster J England, Zion Rose, Jah Stream, Jah Cuban, Don One, Cancer Hi Power Bahamas, Yaadcore, Drew Keys, MC Longnecker and Socialist Roots.

Reggae music is very much alive here in Florida! From the roots reggae produced by Kulcha Shok, the Jamaicans keeping the dancehall alive, the growing American Reggae Rock tour scene, the Soca lovers, and the growing Latino Reggae community......wherever they congregate throughout the state of Florida, Kulcha Shok is there to support and promote!