Alex Sorgente

 “Alessandro (Alex) Sorgente is a young skateboarder who is already a seasoned traveler and a skater of all terrains. He loves to session with the older guys and he learns so fast. When you show him a trick, he picks it up right away. He always skates as hard as he can. He has a heart and passion for skateboarding unlike any other kid I’ve ever met. He also helps with the Grind for Life demos and knows that he is helping GFL raise awareness about helping people with cancer through his skateboarding. He’s an awesome kid who is entertaining to watch when he rides and has a huge bag of tricks” –Mike Rogers, Grind for Life. Alex Sorgente has been skating big events since 2005; he is admired for his talent and his professional attitude.

Alex had some big finishes in 2011:

1st place Am Combi Pool Party in Los Angeles in January
1st place in the Florida Bowlriders OpenAm division
1st Place Grind for Life series Sponsored division
1st Place in Grom-O-Rama overall
1st place overall in King of Groms
3rd in Pro Men Bowl in Marseille, France
7th in Pro Men Bowl and 6th in Pro Men Vert in Rome Italy
5th in Pro Men Bowl Oregon Bifecta Portland Oregon

Alex was invited to the Dew Tour to compete in the new Pro Men Bowl event where he qualified for semi-finals in Ocean City, Maryland and was therefore prequalified for the second event in Portland, Oregon.

Alex does many skate demos including GOAT ramp demos and events:

Favorite Music:
Rock: Ac-Dc, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Ramones, Ozzy, Motley Crue
Alternative: Bad Brains, Interpool, Pearl Jam
Easy Listening: Hotel Costes
Reggae: Bob Marley, Steel Pulse
Italian: Renato Carosone, Pittura Fresca
Hip Pop: Little Wayne, YelaWolf
Pop: Michael Jackson, Prince
Punk: Social D., Suicidal Tendencies, Sex Pistols