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  • Andres Flores

    name: Andres Flores aka: mustard height: 5’7 weight: 120 pounds born: Dominican Republic Dob: December 15,1983 resides: Carlsbad, CA favorite board: 10’0 linden balsa favorite big wave: Mavericks favorite maneuvers: big drops and barrels sponsors: Billabong, Linden Surfboards, Kulcha Shok, Staycovered Accessories My name is Andres Flores, born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. [...]

  • Ben Gravy

    I started surfing with my dad & my brothers when I was 8 years old on my local beach in Longport, NJ. From there I started competing locally and ended up on the US Surf Team in 2004. After a long amateur career & some dabbling with the WQS & Pro Jr's I decided to [...]

  • Casey Coote

    I was born in LA so I’m a ragun Cajun. I fell and bumped my head and woke up in St Thomas on a surf board with a speargun in my hand, haha, I’m a Cajun spotted sea donkey. I can’t stand contests but I surf them anyways just to lose in the first heat. [...]

  • Danny Bossano

    Name: Daniel Bossano Age:18 Stance: goofy Home break: pompano Started surfing: 5 years old Favorite wave: Boom, Escondida, & secret spot Favorite music: reggae Hobbies: surf, skate, travel Favorite surf flik: ward stories, lost 5/5 19 1/4 Favorite surfer: Rob machado, JohnJohn, kelly slater

  • John Knapp

    Born in New York and raised in the water off Long Island, I now reside in Brooklyn where I work and surf. Drawn to the outdoors, nature seems to remain my power source and inspiration in life. A dream session for me is any spent with friends cruising around and enjoying the bounty of nature’s [...]

  • Juan Jose Heredia

    Name: Juan Jose Heredia Other surf names: in NYC: Ghostface, Whiteface, q u e v z, JJ, Miami kid Born: Mendoza. Argentina Live: lived in north Miami, now living in Brooklyn since 2004 Surf spots: The world! Growing up in Miami I started finding waves at 96st bell harbor. As I grew in height and [...]

  • Mike Rosa

    Hometown: ORLANDO FL SPONSORS: Ace skateboard trucks, Rockstar bearings, SB3surfboards, Kulcha Shok

  • Nick Delisa

    Nick DeLisa Born February 3rd, 1991 Belmar, New Jersey Sponsors: Seven3two Clothing, Body Glove Wetsuits, Ashton Surfboards, Easternlines Surf Shop, Ministaz Head Phones, Future Fins, Watermans Sunscreen, Kulcha Shok Muzik. I have contest results. I used to do and take contests seriously but now I do them if I have to. I feel that they [...]

  • Shannon Snells

    Bio-my Name is Shannon nick named Africa . From South Africa came to the states 7 years ago. I'm apart of the ocean sports as in surflifesaving , swimming , and surfing . Also do land sports as in track . Been doing surflifesaving since I was a nipper back home , that's how lanceo [...]

  • Tony Silvagni

    Name: Tony Silvagni Hometown: Kure Beach, NC Born: Williamsport, Pennsylvania Hobbies: Swimming, teaching surf and sup lessons at Tony Silvagni Surf School, Basketball, Fishing 2011 Results: ISA World Longboard Champion, Guy Takayama Open Pro Longboard and Pro Noseriding Champion, Buddy Pelletier Pro Longboard Champion Sponsors: Kulcha Shok Muzik, Stewart Surfboards, Hot Wax Surf Shop, Cape [...]

  • Travis Beckmann

    Aloha my name is Travis Beckmann. I was born in Southern California. Where my mom quickly packed up and moved both of us to Oahu Hawaii. Thus the reason I fell in love with the ocean and SURFING! I was thrown into surfing and competing in amateur surf contest as a grom in Hawaii. I [...]

  • Zane Schweitzer

    Zane Schweitzer was born a Waterman. He has been surfing since he could walk, windsurfing since he was 9 years old, and Stand Up Paddling since he was 13. He has progressed to surfing big waves at places like Jaws and Maveriks in the last few years. So anything ocean related is a passion of [...]

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