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SURF & REGGAE NEWS: 5/4/2022

Jamaican Casting Begins For Bob Marley Biopic

The Marley family is pleased to announce that Jamaican casting sessions are

beginning for the new feature film of Reggae legend Bob Marley's life. The biopic is

being produced by U.S. studio Paramount Pictures.

Cedella Marley, who has been named as a producer on the project – along with Rita Marley, Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley – said the family was wholeheartedly

invested as partners on the project.

"We view this project as a continuation of the tremendous and unending mission of sharing our father's commitment to the truth and to spreading love and oneness as he

did during his time with us, and we're very excited to be in this phase," she said.

Addressing the Jamaican casting sessions, she said it was a crucial element in the

overall success of the film. "As much as Bob Marley is a global icon with a universal message, his roots are entrenched in Jamaica. His connection to Jamaica, beginning

as a young boy in the hills of St Ann, remains an inspiration and a dream. We are

devoting our attention to ensuring it is authentic with significant Jamaican participation."

"I remember my father as a man of love and peace above all else. We are humbled

that the world continues to value him in the way that this movie will portray," says

Bob's eldest son Ziggy Marley. "The film allows his works to reach new generations

and should be seen as offering the world fresh hope in what has been a bleak period.

I am happy that our Jamaican brothers and sisters similarly embrace this project."

The producers stated that a Jamaican casting director had been retained and that the search for talent would encompass the following:


5 - 8 years

9 - 12 years


7 - 10 years

11 - 13 years


Late 20's - Early 30's

Singing Ability is a Plus


8 - 13 years

14 - 25 years

Singing Ability / Ability to play soccer a plus


Outgoing Personality / Acting Ability is a plus

Aspiring talent should send a Headshot plus a Full Length Photo and a Brief description

of any singing or acting experience to: [email protected]. Selected individuals

will be invited to a special Casting Call at the Bob Marley Museum. Both Ziggy and Cedella will be integrally involved in the casting and selection process and expect to

be interacting directly with hopefuls.

The as yet untitled biopic is scheduled for release in 2024. Reinaldo Marcus Green,

who directed the award-winning "King Richard" is slated to direct. The previous Marley film, in 2012, was distributed by Universal Studios and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Kevin McDonald.

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