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SHOK WAVE: REGGAE BLOG BEST OF 2016 PART 2 February 22, 2017

Shok Wave is a weekly music blog focused on new releases every week. Shok Wave focuses on Reggae & all forms of Caribbean music: ska, dancehall, soca, reggae rock, calypso, roots reggae, lovers rock reggae and Latin & Spanish reggae we call Kulcha Latino. It's all the music we come across thru that sent to us and also from the many musical entities we subscribe. Old & new are always welcome. Kulcha Shok is constatntly looking for good reggae & Caribbean music.

Here's our Part 2 of Best of 2016 Shok Wave Blog. This is the final installment.


Reggae Album Portuguese

Ponto de Equilíbrio - 'Noco' feat. Alborosie

Ponto de Equilíbrio - Dome o Medo feat. Alborosie

Ponto De Equilibrium from Brazil had the best album in Portuguese. They are joined by Alborosie of Italy and their song and single is 'Dome O Medo.' Straight ahead Roots Reggae. This single is part of a whole Reggae album called 'Noco.'




Special Guest of the Year/Reggae Rock Album of the Year/Kulcha Latino album

Collie Buddz

collie buddz

This artist appeared on our Kulcha Latino album of the year, which you will find last in this blog, on a song called 'The Cure.' Collie Buddz is also featured on our Reggae Rock album of the Year with the song 'The Habit' remix. This and more makes him the special guest artist of 2016.

Here's a preview of 2017




Reggae Rock Album of the Year

The Movement - 'Golden'


The album is 'Golden' from the Movement.




Top Reggae Song of 2016

It's a hard choice....always. How do you measure it? I go by personal favorite, the one I was feeling the most. There are several in the running:

Demarco - 'Beautiful Feeling'

Demarco - 'Beautiful Feeling'
Hah Lil - 'One Wrong One Right'

Hah Lil - 'One Wrong One Right'
Chronixx - 'Spanish Town Rocking'

Chronixx - 'Spanish Town Rocking'
Raging Fyah - 'Dash Wata'


So what sets them apart for me is the ones I played the most and that would have to be between Spanish Town Rocking, which got more in the later half of the year, and Dash Wata which I probably played just a bit more




Dub Album

Harry Mudie Meet King Tubby - 'Dub Conference Vol. 3


From the Moodies website we took this about the album of the year for 2016 as it was a re-release called 'Dub Conference Vol 3.' This album is the first of its kind ever to be released in the history of reggae dub music. Produced by living legendary reggae producer Harry Mudie and mixed in conference at King Tubbys Studio, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I., with the late, great dub inventor, sound system and recording engineer Osbourne Ruddock a.k.a King Tubbys. King Tubbys, the creator of dub music in the late '60s, mixed reggae musical tracks that the drum and bass predominated in the mix and at irregular intervals introduced echo reverbs and delay with other sound effects he conjured up at his will. Dub Conference Volume 3 was mixed in 1978. We are sure you will be thrilled with the exotic sound you will be hearing and after listening to this album.




Zouk of 2016

Luc Leandry & Shalina Samuel - Sa Kai Malad - Dominica 2016

[Mas Domnik 2016] Luc Leandry & Shalina Samuel - Sa Kai Malad - Dominica 2016

Luc Leandty, one of the best in modern times, has teamed with Shalina Samuel for the track 'Sa Kai Malad.' The track is not straight zouk, it also has a soca feel. It was the best we got and I am sure there was better.




Rock Steady in 2016 that was tops & keeping it rock steady

Jr Thomas & The Volcanos - 'Color Me Blue'

Jr Thomas & The Volcanoes

Jr Thomas & the Volcanoes release a great sounding cd straight out of the era between ska & reggae, which is rocksteady. The goal, with partner Brian Dixon, was to produce a record that emulated the golden era of reggae. Well I think this is about as close as you're going to get except this is mostly rocksteady to me. Using California's finest musicians in this vein it's a solid album with standouts being 'Promises' & 'Color Me Blue.'




Dancehall Song

Konshens - 'Bruk Off'

Konshens - Bruk Off

Konshens has been a favorite for years and 2016 he put out my favorite on one of the years better riddims Moskato with a song called 'Bruk Off Yu Back.'




Dancehall Riddim

Seanizzle - '47th Floor Riddim'

Seanizzle 47TH Floor Riddim


This goes to Seanizzles 47 Floor. With all the top artists and then some putting in good tracks, it had several top notch tunes with a touch of flashback to the 90's Mecca riddim. The riddim lyrically samples two Beenie Man records: 'Chalkboard' by Chris Martin & I Octane's 'Nuff Gal.' The horn line is very similar and so is the vibe. Other top tracks include Mavado's 'Way We Roll,' Savage's 'Yes Mama' and Busy Signal's 'Play The Horns,' which really compliments the riddim.




Reggae Riddim

Ram Jam Riddim

Ram Jam Riddim

This is from one of my favorite reggae riddims of the year, as there is always alot and the reason Ram Jam gets the nod is because of the amount of play time I gave it. Top cuts are by far Chronixx 'Play Some Roots' and Sara Lugo & Protoge 'Really Like You.'




Kulcha Latino Album of the Year

Locos Por Juana - 'Caribe'

Kulcha Latino Locos Por Juana Caribe Colombia

Grammy nominated Locos Por Juana have put together a great package called 'Caribe.' In the set its full of guests and goodies like Akae Beka, Talib Kweli, Notch and Collie Buddz. The goodies include 'The Cure' the reggae antidote with Collie of course, 'Summertime' with Chad Stokes which this album feels like, and everyones new habit toca 'Una Foto.'

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