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Shok Wave is your weekly new reggae music review of all things reggae for the week. Shok Wave also includes dancehall, soca, ska, calypso, dub, and anything else thats musical from a Caribbean person or a Caribbean genre of music.



Jah Cure - 'Telephone Love'


One of my favorite reggae singers has released the first single from their next album. It's Jah Cure with 'Telephone Love.'  Inna Jah Cure fashion it's a true love song.




Protoje & Alborosie - 'Strolling'


Two of today's hottest reggae artists join forces to create 'Strolling.' Protoje & Alborosie bring original reggae style to the forefront with class.




I-Taweh - 'Never Fade Away'


I-Taweh is a relatively unknown artist to most yet he shows wisdom & experience in his latest song 'Never Fade Away.'




Clinton Fearon - 'This Morning'


Long Time Veteran and founding member of reggae music Clinton Fearon consistently releases new albums. His latest is called 'This Morning.' I love the title track, any real music lover can relate as we all do from time to time and wake up with a song stuck in our heard. The other great track is 'Speak Your Mind.' The album reminds me of the days of the Meditations, Mighty Diamonds. Gladiators (who he was a member of at age 19) and all those 3 piece vocal harmony groups, even though Clinton is a soloist, he's taken the time to put those sweet harmonies in there as well. Musically it's for the most part traditional roots reggae with a touch of soul & blues.




Mr Lexx - 'Spread My Love'


Mr Lexx has returned with a surprisingly good and showing real talent on his latest single 'Spread My Love.' On the track he is known as Christopher Palmer and on the track he hits some serious high notes.




Lutan Fyah & Spectacular - 'System Down'


The duo of Lutan Fyah & Spectacular have teamed up again. This time for one of their best called 'System Down.'


DizTroy - 'Mystic Strings'


The first release that caught us this week, is the very interesting 'Mystic Strings,' from DizTroy with vocalist and dancer Mystic Davis for a preview of their upcoming collaborative EP. The song touches on dancehall, trap and acoustic. Davis who can dance very well in the video has a great flow & delivery whether singing or djing. A bit different & adventurous, yet fun and upbeat.




Konshens - 'Gal Tan Up'


Konshens releases yet another dancehall tune. It's 'Gal Tan Up.' Straight dancehall and even the riddim has the origins of an 80's vibe. You are definately going to see some gold grillz in the video.




Mr Vegas - 'This Is Dancehall'


Mr Vegas, the dancehall veteran, says 'This Is Dancehall' will be his last album and it is out now. It contains that crossover and pop styled dancehall that Mr Vegas has become known for. There are all kinds of flavors of dancehall and today's riddims like moscato which is one of my favorites. The tune called 'Champs' gives respect to the dancehall originators. Then there's 'Identify My Love' which has an 80's dancehall/reggaeton feel of a love song. 'Misbehave' is produced by Troyton Music and is a definite element of the dancehall. Then there's the real poppy/crossover, more dancey, 'No Tomorrow.' The male dancehall prowess comes in 'Paintbrush' with Natel. Lastly there's 'Wuk It' which is more authentic dancehall. The singles are 'Dancehall Dab,' 'Stopper Whine' and 'Own Leader.'




Vybz Kartel - 'Colouring This Life'


Modern day dancehall or dancehall for that matter is not complete without Vybz Kartel. Here's a tune thats grown on me because the video has just released. It's on the 'King of the Dancehall' album and has juice melody. It's about tattoos.


Ki and Peter Ram - 'Carnival Good Morning'


When it comes to soca, I am very particular. I am not your typical soca lover. I don't get into the drinking and the wine up. I am more into it for the quality side of good songs through melody, meaningful lyrical content and arrangements. This doesn't leave much room for what I like. I will say this, there is a real sense of freedom to Carnival, no matter where you expedient it and that is a huge part of soca music. I think thats the feeling I get from this song Carnival Good Morning (Remix) from Ki & Peter Ram.

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