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Shok Wave is your weekly new reggae & Caribbean music blog that reviews all the good music that can fit for each week. Shok Wave features the many styles of the Caribbean: reggae, ska, soca, calypso, dub, reggae rock and whatever else may come our way from anywhere.


Josh Heinrichs - 'The Best Yet'


How many reggae artists/bands do you know from America that have been doing it for 15 years straight? There's several that started more than 15 years ago just not too many that have done it for 15 consecutive years. Please tell me any. I really want to know them. My answer is Josh Heinrichs. He proves it on his latest release 'The Best Yet' on his GanJah label. 'These Days' for me was a 77 Jefferson track until I found out who this other voice was. I am embarrassed to say that's how I found out about Josh and it's still one of my favorites. That's followed with the mellow 'Only Wanna Be With You,' this must have been before he married his wife, 'What Can I Do,' and the mellow anthem 'Good Vibes.' One of his earlier more reggae heavy tracks is 'New Love' with a real rock guitar in the middle and features Clear Conscious. Josh rises above with his talent. His partner in crime is always lurking in the shadows and ready to fire off like a bullet of positivity especially on 'Ganja,' 'One Love' and 'High Grade.' Josh, if you didn't know or couldn't tell, is a big advocate of 'Puff Herbs.'  The album ends with the 'Crucial' live tracks. An album that has all good songs and several greats. Remember 'Love is the Answer.'




Mitch - 'Lucky'


Do you remember a vocal group called ARP? They broke up many years ago. The group comprised of Orville Thomas, Patrick Hylton, Leon Gilbert, Roger Mitchell and Orand Rose-Green. Not sure when they broke up, I think it was in early 2003 and most have continued in music to some extent. Daville is the most successful product of that group. The one that has never stopped recording and releasing singles is Mitch. He has a new album out courtesy of Icedrop & Zojak Worldwide called 'Lucky.' A solid vocal album that touches pop on the title track 'I Feel Lucky.' It also has reggae, lovers rock & dancehall as well as R&B, hip hop and more. 'Hold On' & 'It's Not Fair' are the top cuts. 'Hold On' has the melody inna reggae style while 'It's Not Fair' has a bit of a rock feel at the start and continues with more reggae.




Jahneration - 'Jahneration'


Jahneration is a new duo reggae/hip hop artist from France. Their self-titled album is solid and they ask you to 'Come Onboard' with Dean Fraser. They're not into 'Badminds' and 'troddin 'On The Way.' 'Run run if you wanna getaway' but no need the music good enough to stay.


June Smith - 'What's Going On'


Calypso is rare these days and to find a good one is even harder. A modern calypso has been uncovered from June Smith 'What's Going On.' June talks about buying a man and buying a woman and asks 'What's Going On.' It's simple find a good woman to find a good man and vise versa.

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