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Shok Wave is your weekly new REGGAE music blog that contains anything REGGAE or of a Caribbean music origin. This includes: reggae, ska, dancehall, dub, reggae rock, soca, calypso and anything else from the Caribbean region or origin and is musical.


Lila Ike - 'Biggest Fan'

There's a new female singer on the horizon and she's on Protoje's label InDiggNation Collective. Her name is Lila Iké and her song is 'Biggest Fan.' A song about her mother that is trying to deter her from singing and when she hears her becomes........her 'Biggest Fan.'




Di Land Riddim

A good vibe riddim called Di Land riddim is named after a song from Men At Work called 'Land Down Under.' It's a ganja tune that switched the lyrics to ' Land of Di Herbs' by Polyfamous. Gappy Ranks as well as Luciano & The Emertians have two good songs 'We Got Each Other' & 'Take Me There,' respectively. Both are strong lyrically and have good melodies.




Bob Marley - 'Exodus'

Bob Marley's 'Exodus' album was monumental. The title track & 'Turn Your Lights Down Low' have been re-released with new mixes. Sounds fresh, a new sound to favorites. Nice to hear.




David Lion- 'Mandala'

'Mandala' is the new album from David Lion, also known as Lion D, who is one of Europe's strongest new breed of the reggae soldiers. Solid roots reggae music. 'Don't Let Love Die,' I'd like to think all of us are a 'Dreamer' since we all should have dreams, goals and ambitions. One of my favorite tracks. The title track has revealed a new realm as he says he 'opens up like a 'Mandala' & shows his true colors.' 'Nah Complain'  is about giving thanks for what you have so why 'complain' because it is part of 'The Journey.'  A solid artist and now more polished.




Mystic Roots - 'Change'

Mystic Roots has released a new LP which sounds good and is called 'Change.' Solid tracks like 'Cry No More,' 'Little Bit Of Love,' and 'Lullaby.' The strongest element of this band is the man & woman vocals that work so well together and set them apart. If you listen closely you will see why he loves his 'Marie.' I'd imagine there's more good stuff.




Phonosonics - 'Between Two Headphones'

An interesting email came this week. It ultimately came from The Phonosonics. He's doing reggae versions of Stax recordings and they sound good. In there was also two originals with a similar sound. 'Between 2 Headphones' sounds great. It has that Stax sound mixed with reggae and the song.




Raging Fyah - 'Would You Love Me'

I have always liked the band Raging Fyah from day one. They have a vision not taken by most Jamaican reggae bands. Their vision now incorporates international reggae band from Brasil Cidade Negra on the remix of their track 'Would You Love Me.' The importance of this is them reaching the South American & European markets where reggae is strongest. Portugese is spoken in Brasil & Portugal, one song accomplishes two missions.


Mr Vegas - 'What A Gwaan'

Mr Vegas has maintained a career longer than most. He's gone into the non-secular side of the music while maintaining a prescence in popular music thru reggae & dancehall. He has not restricted himself to one or the other at the moment. His latest single 'What A Gwaan' I am sure has been inspired by people getting killed for or over a cell phone. He states' My Life is worth more than a cell phone.' Everyones life is worth more than anything material. Life is the greatest gift, it's like being born everyday. Enjoy it.

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