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Shok Wave is your weekly new reggae music blog. All the best reggae music for the week can be found here as well as all forms of popular Caribbean music: dancehall, soca, ska, reggae rock, dub, calypso and any variation of Caribbean music.


Jahfe - 'Angel'

jahfe-3rd eye manifesto Angel Mykal Rose

Jahfe finally releases new music called 'Angel' featuring Grammy award winning voice of Mykal Rose. This is off their new album '3rd Eye Manifesto' releasing Friday March 10. Great vocals & music of reggae music and pop melodies to create a heavenly composition.



Sledge - 'You're Still My Love'

Sledge Youre Still My Love reggae

Sledge, who I've never heard of, release a little rasta love tune in 'You're Still My Love.' Nice video too.




Necessary Mayhem

Necessary Mayhem Trilogy

The Album Necessary Mayhem Has dropped and hit the Billboard Reggae Charts. In essence it's nothing new. It's several old songs 're-activated' and compiled for this album. Those tracks are 'Joker Smoker' originally Tristan Palmer. The dub has been redone by Da Grynch, as has 'Pirates Anthem' & 'Police in Helicopters,' all in a dub style. The tracks have been voiced over as well with Mr Williamz 'No Cigarettes,' which released several years ago originally as a single. YT has done 'Real Music' over the reactivated 'Pirates Anthem' ridden.




Jah Rain Ft. JL - 'Spend The Night'

Jah Rain Ft. JL - Spend The Night

Jah Rain Ft. JL 'Spend The Night' has taken a popular melody and turned it into an underground reggae hit.

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