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SHOK WAVE is your weekly dose of new REGGAE music. The best of the weeks releases in the form of anything Caribbean in any language or form. If it's Caribbean we listen. SHOK WAVE includes reggae, rocksteady, ska, dancehall, dub, soca, calypso & reggae rock.


Lots of new music this week. Queen Ifrica has a great new album. Newcomer out of the female stables, Alicia Kristine, comes with an impressive first set. A few new riddims and oneoffs as well.


Reggae Fest Riddim

A great sounding new riddim from Frass Records. My favorite is J Boog alone called 'Work Hard' and the other better one is Taurus Riley's 'Just The Way You Are.' Heres the whole riddim so you can decide.

Reggae Fest Riddim




Women of the World

The Women of the World is a collective of several women from different regions coming together for the power of women to unite & promote the WOMEN. Here's the inspiration to uplift the prominent beauty & strength of women.




Queen Africa - 'Climb'

Speaking of women, Queen Ifrica has released her best album yet 'Climb.' This album has, what I call the 3 M's: music, melody and message. She has all three and these are what makes this album so good. All three come together best in my favorite song 'Thats How It Is Sometimes.' "We are the beauty of the soul" is the best line on the album. The song is the hit. 'Medical Marijuana' is one of the best ganja tunes I've heard in a while. Another with the three M's. Every 'Good Man' deserves a good 'Black Woman' so do not take it for granted. Other top tracks are 'Climb,' 'Love Is Not Blind,' and 'Can't Breathe.' The whole album is good.




Kristine Alicia - 'Zion'

Another woman new to the industry is Kristine Alicia with her new debut album 'Zion.' My favorite track track is the best and first single 'Roll It.' On the 'Answer' riddim its talking to DJ. Other songs worth your ears are 'Valley Song' as Jah Jah guides her, 'My Story,' 'My King,'  'Follow,' and Kristine is definitely ''Blessed.'


Thorpedians - 'Strike Back'

Barcelona, Spain hits again from the Liquidator label with ska & rocksteady band Thorpedians witj a new EP. Their best tune is like the title track called 'Violator Strikes Back.' Steppers style ska to make you move.

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