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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE reviews all the music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin.


World Healing Riddim

Looks like a Trinidadian reggae's the 'World Healing riddim.' Never heard of Izac King until this tour came out called 'Life Of A Ghetto Youth' with Sizzla, Pressure, Marlon Asher, Ras Shiloh and this same artists Izac King. Feels like a business connection too. His tune might be the one for the riddim as it's called 'Healing To My Wounds.' Also on the tour & riddim is Marlon Asher with 'What Is Life' and it also features Janelle. The theme song of the tour could easily be Jahliano's 'Never Stop Try.' The only other artists I've heard of is King David and his track is 'Talk To Them.' Lastly on the riddim is Ricochae's 'Trinidad Healing' and the best tune on the riddim so this is probably the tune that helped name the riddim. Big up to Millbeatz for cultivating the talent of Trinidad, especially on the reggae side because he has a name in soca.




Autarchii - 'Bussing'

The saying is "every man want to buss." Just in case you dont know what "they" are talking about, it means everyone basically wants to make it in the music industry & more specifically in the reggae music industry is where this saying has it's origins. I've never heard anyone outside of reggae use this. Autarchii has his take on 'bussing' which is he does not want to 'buss' which is slang for bust. In other words he doesn't want to bust like a balloon he rather "Grow." There's definitely been songs about this in the past just not in a while and never that good.




Tuff Like Iron - 'Run Di Place'

Tuff Like Iron is a multi-talented artist: she is a clothes designer and is very much into fashion, and most notably she is recognized as an artist, performer, songwriter and musical person. She is always traveling and bringing her vibes to every corner so eventually she's going to 'Run Di Place' like a lizard pon limb. So it is that time to start as she releases this new song. Old school vibes in 2017.


Two new releases in this category today and they are both singles.

Soul Majestic - 'Right Kinda Vibe'

The first comes from one of California's longest reigning bands doing this style: Soul Majestic. The other notable thing about this band is their male/female vocal diversity that adds a nice touch as stated  in their new single 'Right Kinda Vibe.' It breaks into a light dancehall vibe.




Sowflo - 'Farmer In Suburbia'

Last and definitely not least, as these guys are always repping Florida and more so Southwest Florida (its where their name comes from), Sowflo returns with a new single called 'Farmer In Suburbia.' The band is utilizing many of their good qualities on this track like their horns, harmonies and their unique take on music. They definitely do not do things like you might expect. They are also big advocates of marijuana and this song is for those living outside of their realm to make it happen.



J-Rile - 'Falling For You'

J-Rile comes with a nice sexy dancehall tune called 'Falling For You.'





Purple man - 'Dancehall General'

The original 'Dancehall General' is here: Purpleman. He made a return to the scene with an album in 2014. It was a nice return and he has followed it up with 'Dancehall General' with the same 80's dancehall style that made him and the riddims of the time as well. 'Coming In Hot.' The album is solid and doesn't have a bad track on the album. The standouts are 'Sugar Baby,' 'Wicked Haffi Run,' a piece of the 'original' General from Dennis Brown on the title track and 'Rud A Dub Stylee' with Johnny Osbourne. Purpleman also called on friends like Eek-A-Mouse, Baby Demus, Blakka Demus & Glen Ricks.




Carefree Riddim

A nice little dancehall riddim came out this week called 'Carefree.' Delando 'Today' is about living each day to the fullest & basically living in the moment. New rising female star Lia Caribe has the other good tune pon di riddim with 'Roll Up.' This more of the same just a bit flashier.


Nasilele - 'Whine On Ah Jab'

There are several forms of soca today. There's the groovy/ragga & jump up/carnival styled soca as the most popular. There's other styles that have popped up as sub-genres like bashment, Kuduro, Jab Jab and Chutney styled. Each style has originated in one of the islands. When it starts popping up in other islands, that's when you know it's growing. Much soca has come to sound alot like dancehall too. There's also the big trend over the last few years and has slowed down so much it's almost non-existent and that's the electro/dance influence in soca. Now a days you add afrobeat and it just seems to be growing and almost endless. Our favorite track this week combines groovy with the influence of Jab Jab and it comes from Nasilele, who's new to me, with a track called 'Whine On A Jab.' Love the vibe.




Fabee - 'You'

I do not hear much calypso anymore so when I do it is really nice. This week Fabee sings one for 'You.' Great perspective and good sounds. Long live the Calypso, DO NOT let it DIE!!!!

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