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Shok Wave is your weekly new reggae music blog that reviews all the music possible. Kulcha Shok picks out the goodies each week from the world of reggae: dancehall, ska, reggae rock, dub, lover's rock, soca, calypso and anything else with a Caribbean vibe.

Look out for our Best of 2016 Reggae Music Blog part 2 compiled from 2016's Shok Wave posts. In case you missed part 1 here's the link


Jah Lil - 'Walk Good'

Jah Lil Walk Good reggae Jamaica

Jah Lil has released another great tune in 'Walk Good.'  He also released a great track last year called 'One Wrong, One Right.' Don't know much about him and have only heard two songs and they both have been nothing short of great.




Chronixx - 'Likes'

chronixx Likes reggae jamaica

Chronixx has released a new anthem called 'Likes.' 'We do it for the love not for the likes.' All real reggae souljahs this is your new anthem, I know it's mine.




I-Taweh - 'Judgement'

11x17 POSTER

Reggae singer & guitarist I-Taweh has released a new album 'Judgement.' A great reggae album of true modern roots reggae music. Every song is musically sound and strong. Top cuts include 'Battlefield,' Herb Treez' and my favorite 'Bad Man.'




Stephen Dajure - 'I'm Not A Criminal'


If Marcus Garvey was a singer/performer/musician do you think he would have gotten his message out better? There's no doubt he did a great job of delivering his message. Truly, we do not even need to answer that first question because Stephen Dajure has released the message. It's another great reggae music album and is called 'I'm Not A Criminal.'  The 'Rastaman Dread' puts it all in 'Almighty Jah' and the messages of the album: 'One Love,' 'I'm Not a Criminal,' 'Jah Live,' 'Mama Africa,' 'Farm Up A Land,' and you know Marcus was always about 'Up.' Lastly, there's one to support the love 'Something Right.'


Vybz Kartel - 'Whine To Di Top'


Vybz Kartel is not slowing down by any means. Maybe he's recording new material while in prison or as he said many years ago, I will be releasing a new song every day, which means he had to be recording several a day. His latest is 'Whine To Di Top.' A salute to the dancehall girls he cater to.




Nico Royale feat. Skarra Mucci - 'Be Free'

nico-royale-skarra-mucci Be Free

Italy's Nico Royale is joined by Jamaica's Skarra Mucci on 'Be Free.' A feel good light dancehall/reggae tune to nice up the place. Do you agree?


JoJo featuring Patrice Roberts- 'DJ BAD'

Jo Jo Patrice Roberts Dj Bad soca trinidad

My girl Patrice Roberts is apart of relatively newcomer Jo Jo's new song 'DJ Bad.' It's an uptempo soca tune that will get you moving and their salute to the DJ.

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