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Shok Wave is your weekly Reggae music blog of the weeks new releases. Shok Wave includes reggae, dancehall, dub, ska, soca, calypso, reggae rock and more. Anything with a Caribbean base musically and passes as good music will be featured in our weekly blog.



King Mas - 'Suga an Wata'


King Mas has Caribbean roots and a sweet voice. His latest single is 'Suga an Wata' and it's a nice ditty about the good he gets from a bad girl.




Jah Bouks - Jah Bouks

St Thomas Jamaica native Jah Bouks releases his first self-entitled album that also includes his ep 'Old Pera.' 'Angola' is his big bust out tune, which is included. The Bongo man his likkle style with original slurs and roots reggae music. Bouks has a 'Cry Fi Di Youth' and says he's 'Going Home' to Africa. 'Imatafari' is his plea to his Queen to give him some loving & to have a family. His latest single is 'Say What's On Your Mind.'




Umojah - 'In This World'

umojah in this world US virgin Islands reggae

Another unique sounding album is the third from original rastaman & US Virgin Islands native Umojah with 'In This World.' His roots rock reggae sound is pioneering for this island. His cd starts with the nice 'Bless Holiday' tune thats musically & lyrically different yet inspiring. Umojah is a 'Rasta'  who no deal with scandal & bribery, you might not be able to handle him. Listen out for that real Marley sounding slur in this sound. It's still original Umojah. Then it's time to rise your sleepy eyes on 'Early Sunday Morning.' We can 'Never Let The Children Down.' Love the fact that Umojah stands up for the youths, not only in this song, throughout the album. You know 'In This World' is a bam bam, so check it out.




Vybz Kartel & Ky-mani Marley - Cool and Deadly

vybz-kartel-ft-ky-mani-marley Cool & Deadly Ghetto Rock riddim Jamaica reggae

Vybz Kartel & Kymani Marley have linked up on the Ghetto Rock riddim, which is a new version of the classic Stagalag riddim with a new keyboard phrase. The track is called "Cool & Deadly." Old school dancehall style with a bam bam.




John Brown's Body - 'Hard Man Fe Dead'

john_browns_body_hard_man_fe_dead reggae New York

John Brown's Body takes an old Prince Buster tune and puts it to modern reggae/rocksteady. 'Hard Man Fe Dead' is a classic and here the Upstate New York band just uses the one line to create their own song & sound. Sounding good with special guest Karim Israel of Arise Roots.




Spain & Malaka Youth - 'Tanto Por Ver'

Malaka Youth Tanto Por Ver Spain

Spain & Malaka Youth are back in the picture. 'My' Youth has released a new album called 'Tanto Por Ver.' The album contains 11 tracks & 5 dubs. "Tanto Por Ver" is the latest single, too and one of the album's best songs. Basically, he's talking about wanting to see his girl more. The best track is still about his girl and how she's 100% natural & real...simply put beautiful.100% beautiful, just like the song.




DADA YUTE - 'More Than Food'

Dada Yute More Than Food Ganja Reggae

Dada Yute comes with the best tune I've ever heard from him yet 'More Than Food.' A tune many will agree and love about their ganja.




Thievery Corporation - 'The Temple of I & I'

Thievery Corporation - The Temple of I & I

This is a first, I am not doing a full review of Thievery Corporation's new album 'The Temple of I & I' rather just a mention since it's much more reggae than ever.

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