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Shok Wave is your weekly new music blog of Reggae & Caribbean music using R&B Instrumentals. Shok Wave includes any form of reggae & Caribbean music, in any language and from anyone as long as their is a connection to the Caribbean, whether it be musically or bloodline. It can include and is not limited to: reggae, dancehall, soca, ska, reggae rock & calypso.


Ronnie Davis - 'Iyahcoustic'


The Skinny Bwoy crew release Ronnie Davis of the Tennors & Original Itals latest album called 'Iyahcoustic.' The album is a stripped down rasta acoustic styling of great songs like the Boris Gardner rendition of 'Every Rasta Is A Star.' Davis redoes his version of John Holt's 'Fancy Make Up' and it features Sadiki this time around. 'I Won't Cry' is Ronnie's first ever music video. It's a nice song. All that I cover here are, and they sound like it, American songs because of their strength. 'Swinging My Love' I first came to know from one of my all time favorite reggae singers Mr Johnny Clarke. Also know as 'Rock With Me Baby.' Good stuff.




Xana Romeo - 'Wake Up'


The Veterans of Reggae are slowly making way for their children. 'I am my father's daughter' in both aspects: Max Romeo & Haile Selassie and her name is Xana Romeo. Her EP is called 'Wake Up' and she's awaking them with the consciousness of the 'King of Zion.' She's on the 'Righteous Path' & 'Rates Rasta' too. Six vocals and 5 good matching dus.


Jacuzzi Fuzz - 'In Orbit'


Jacuzzi Fuzz has been quiet for nearly 7 years and their return sounds like the best thing they have ever done. The new single is 'In Orbit' and musically, melodically and vocally it's the best thing I've ever heard and they're from my backyard. Time off always does a soul good and this is a case in point. Just 'watch the world rotate' you might see a Jacuzzi Fuzz.


Skinny Fabulous - 'Trouble'


Skinny Fabulous has built a nice following and musical career thru hard work and being consistent with releasing his music. He latest single 'Trouble' is a song of perfect timing and many times, timing is the key and in this case will help the success of the song. The reason being is Skinny has reached that point that anywhere he & his crew go is 'Trouble.'




Rikki Jai - 'Carnival Arena'


Rikki Jai is one of the few that can put out good music and dominate both the Soca Arena & Chutney circles. He's done it with his latest single 'Carnival Arena.' Straight up for the road Rikki Jai has his next hit.




Ultimate Rejects- 'Addiction'


The Ultimate Rejects have almost come out of nowhere to take the soca world by storm. They are a group that has just formed and do have well respected members including one of my favorite voices MX Prime. Their best single so far is their one with Flipo called 'Addiction.' Real groovy 'a junkie for your love, you are my drug' BOOM!!!




Bindley Benjamin - 'Play the Soca Parang'

Bindley Benjamin - 'Play the Soca Parang' Trinidad

This next one is a soca parang. So what's the sweetest music at christmas time in the islands, parang, and it's called 'Play the Soca Parang' by Bindley Benjamin.

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