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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog of all the music that can fit from Kulcha Shok. It includes: reggae, dancehall, soca, ska, dub, zouk, calypso, and anything from the musical world of the Caribbean. This week has the most music to ever make the blog. Enjoy!!!!


Bamboo Bench Riddim

Iyahi Records has released the new Bamboo Bench riddim. The first is a testament to their goal: 'Reggae Alive & Well' featuring Chronixx & Toke with Jah Pinks at the helm. Good tune to keep that vibe alive. One thing about reggae is  'Jah We Praise' and Kymani Marley does it well with a next hit for the second week in a row. Others to peep are Million Stylez, Queen Ifrica & Fyah T.




Angel - 'High Grade'

Out of London Town England comes lover's rock singer Angel with 'High Grade (My Place).' He combines a lover's seduction style song and tells his lady to come to 'my place' where we can smoke up the 'High Grade.' Nice tune, good melody, boom bam!




Jr Kenna - 'You Make Me Feel'

Jr Kenna and his 'You Make Me Feel' comes 'Alive.' A nice little tune that makes you feel good as him as well about his girl.




Rapha Pico - 'Weh Yuh Ago Do'

This is one for the rude boys....'Weh Yuh Ago Do' by Rapha Pico. One to show the youths that badness is no good.




K-OSS & The Ruffcut Band - 'Black'

K-oss and the Ruff Cut Band  give it you straight as they celebrate their heritage with 'Black.' K-oss is 'black & a natty dread locks.'




Promise No Promises - 'Real Friends'

Out of Antigua, Promises No Promises releases the new 'Real Friends.' He's asking 'where must I go tonight to find some real friends.'




Fari DiFuture - 'Farmer Man'

Fari DiFuture releases the nice 'Farmer Man.' Real talk and a real issue, none of us can live without the farmer man. So big him up.




Tennshann Invasion Band - 'Lovely Day'

A true testament that every day is a 'Lovely Day.' Tennshann Invasion Band hits the right chord with this one. Start your day with this song and it will only make it better. Production could be a bit better.




Kingston All-Stars - 'Dub Line'

The Kingston All Stars, which it is, has released an exclusive non album track 'Dub Line.' A nice instrumental slight dub track with the best of Jamaican musicians. Talk about All Stars here you go: Sly Dunbar, Jackie Jackson, Hux Brown, Ansel Collins, Mikey " Mao " Chung, Robbie Lyn, Mikey " Boo " Richards, Everton & Everald Gayle & Mossman.




Damian Marley Feat. Stephen Marley - 'MEDICATION'

This one is about timing. 'Medication' It is worded to make it sound like it is about herb. When you listen carefully its the love of a woman. Very well written & crafted from the upcoming album 'Stony Hill' from Damian Marley and this track features Stephen Marley & sounds like Julian as well.




67 Riddim

The 67 riddim releases and is the 'Number One Sound' with Skarra Mucci & Sr Wilson who sings a part in Spanish. Turbulence sings about the 'Human Race,' who 'doesn't see color.' Then there's the youngster out of Trinidad, Wayne J with 'Murderer.' He's calling out those who kill.




Naomi Wachira - 'Beautifully Human'

Afro-folk reggae, singer-songwriter Naomi Wachira from Kenya and now Seattle based, releases 'Beautifully Human.' Wachira highlights issues of human equality, especially when it undermines the divine sacredness of those who are different in this new song. Her sophmore album "Songs of Lament" she describes, ‘was born out the many tragic losses we’ve witnessed globally.'




Blessed - 'Love' Natural African

Blessed out of Canada returns with a real nice album. It really showcases his talent: reggae, dancehall and ska. Blessed handles them well especially the big tune nominated for a Juno 'Cry Every Day' & I love 'Love' because it celebrates a mans love for the beauty and strength of his Nubian Queen. 'Herb Tea' for those that need the healing of the nation.




Cloudy Glass Riddim Mix

The Cloudy Glass riddim arrives as a nice juggling riddim with Lutan Fyah, Lymie Murray, R4nyte, Xtra Girlz & Edge Michael  do 'Cloudy Glass' and lastly Turbulence does another version of 'Human Race' on this riddim as well.




Iyara & New Kidz HD - 'I Swear'

Two Artists sitting on the bubble of bussing are Iyara and New Kidz and their song 'I Swear' will help their bid to get there. Known more for their dancehall, this acoustic/kette styled reggae track comes in like an anthem on the 'Prayer Water' ridden.




Reggae Fest Riddim Mix

The Reggae Fest riddim took a minute to grow on me as it released a few weeks ago. It Turns out Etana's new single we reviewed two weeks ago was the last release on it and now J Boog & Iba Mahr's 'Work Hard' is one of my favorite tunes right now.




Pressure Busspipe - 'Sensi'

USVI's Reggae Ambassador Pressure Busspipe has released the Haze St approriately named new tune 'Sensi.' Get it Haze St/Sensi they go hand in hand.




Johnny Osbourne/Mungo's Hi Fi - 'Rain Keeps Falling' (feat. Johnny Clarke)

A true king of the dancehall is Johnny Osbourne. He's never slowed down and here's one with that Clocktower sound called 'Rain Keeps On Falling' with the help of Mungo's Hi Fi. An ode to his lady.




Steph Eyi - 'Going To Zion'

At one point in life we all reach that pinnacle that we must be 'Going To Zion.' Steph Eyi out of Africa is going to take us there musically for those that aren't quite ready to go spiritually.




Exposure Riddim

At this point in their careers, you would have to call them veterans: Anthony RedRose, Frankie Paul & Yami Bolo on the Exposure riddim have a nice easy vibe with the top songs on the said ridden.




Shauna Dazzle - 'Bad Tonight'

Shauna Dazzle's 'Bad Tonight' is going to be one you're going to love or hate. She says she wants to be rude tonight she's in the mood tonight. Her vocals remind me of Kashief Lindo so they're nice with a lady's sexy side to it.




The Hempolics - 'High & Gritty'

The Hempolics 'High Gritty' is a dirty styled reggae in that it has that old ruff, nitty & gritty sound to it. Lyrically it's clean and has a nice quick sax piece in there too to add some more flavor.


Swashii - 'The Story'

They say Swashii switch. Well Swashi had a child and his thinking switch. We all change for the better with children. Here's Swashi's 'The Story.' This one almost has a dancehall tempo, either way a still reality.




Don Gorgon Ninjaman & The Doctor Beenie Man - 'Buss'

The Don Gorgon Ninjaman & The Doctor Beenie Man Join forces on 'Buss' to help curve the violence in Jamaica especially towards females. The version of the song that's out is a bit dirty, the message is positive but in the badman style kind of way.




Vault Series Vol 1

Lukie D 'Ride Ah Yuh Life' & Tony Curtis & Marlon Stewart 'Shi Got It' on the Money Maker Riddim is one of two riddims on the album Vault Series Vol 1 from Reggae Vibes records. These are definitely the best songs on the album. These make for some good early dancehall juggling.




Crazy Glue Riddim

The first potential commercial hit is here for Alkaline and comes courtesy of the Crazy Glue Riddim & the hook of Sean Paul on the track called 'Gyalis Pro.' Others on the riddim and bound for commercial success are GC & Shaggy's 'Nah Nah Who.' Rage 'Owna Money' is another good one with a pop feel. With a name like 'Crazy Glue' and Sean Paul it definitely has a 90's dancehall feel to run the summer.




The Fete Riddim

The Fete riddim is a nice smooth dancehall riddim with a bit of a soca feel and it's for the ladies. Just listen, the first track is Elegant with her  'Skin Smooth' like a butter. Then Gappy Ranks comes with she's on 'Fyah' Fyah.


Lots of soca too and St Vincent has always been a favorite for soca is the front runner with lots of new good soca.

Playtime Riddim

Sunshine & Nadiva are sisters out of the UK and have won the soca monarch title there. I remeber the first time I heard them several years ago when they won that titlle. I was impressed enough to keep my ears on alert. I heard another track this year that kept me perked. Now they have gotten on the Vincy soca riddim  'Playtime' which has an old dancehall/calypso/soca feel and from I heard the first notes I knew this was their first song that might really help take them to the next level. It's called 'Again.'




Sunshine & Nadiva - 'Bad & Ready'

This song says it all for the sisters. They are 'Bad & Ready.' Another from St Vincent.




Maffie - 'For Life'


This one is tagged soca. It's a bit different than soca. Maybe someone can help us with this one. Maffie's 'For Life' is an inspiring track with great words and a different sound which should take it far.




Bashment Baby Riddim

I imagine a song like this coming from a small island like Grenada and everyone knows exactly who Terra D Governor is singing about. Her name is 'Annie' on the Bashment Baby Riddim. Songs come in like news. Terra D puts his special touch on this one.




Heritage Riddim

'The Stage' is calling his name, so he be himself and sing his soca. His name is Ejay and he has a nice new soca song.




Jamesy P - 'New Meaning'

Jamsey P says he's a new man, a new creation with a new meaning. The father has taken him and he can smile again, he's fresh in his new song 'New Meaning.' Great hook. Jamsey P is back with a vengeance.




Javid Rouse - Soca Disorder

Do you have a 'Soca Disorder' and you like it? Well then you can relate to Javid Rouse's new song. Well I like it. A little something different out of ST Vincent.




Kaviedes Feat. Fireman Hooper - 'All Day'

Kaviedes + Fireman Hooper are doing it 'ALL DAY.' A real party/carnival song for 2017. Drinking, partying, wining on girls 'All Day.' Not my style, yet the groove is unresistable.




Diz7rict feat. Kerwin Du Bois x Skinny Fabulous - 'Deaf'

Tell them not to talk to me cuz I 'Deaf', I deaf, I deaf because music too load, I winining, I drunk...another party song for carnival coming from Kerwin Du Bois & Skinny Fabulous & feat Diz7rict. This is one I missed.




Kevin Lyttle x Shatta Youth - 'Turn Me On'

Here's a remix of St Vincent's Kevin Lyttle's biggest hit 'Turn Me On' done this time with Shatta Youth. Sounding raw again.




Take Di Win - 'Sedale'

Sedale sounds like the St Lucian version of Skinny Fabulous and his new song could easily 'Take Di Win' as the song says.

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