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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music Blog that critics all the weeks new REGGAE releases that we feel are worthy of posting. SHOK WAVE also includes dancehall, ska, dub, soca, calypso, zouk and any other form of Caribbean music we come across.


Invincible Riddim Mix

SHOK WAVE came across three new good riddims. First was the Invincible riddim courtesy of Weedy G Soundforce. With over 15 tracks on the riddim, I credit the riddim for producing all tracks to be at least decent to good. Junior X gets his track naming the riddim and for good reason. A solid artist that always puts out good music & 'Invincible' is no exception. The veteran Mykal Rose has the top cut with ganja is  'Priceless.' Chuck Fender keeps it topically along the same lines with 'My Weed.' Other top cuts come from the lesser known, who are changing that with their new songs on the 'Invincible,' Naytian 'Love of a Father,' Kingseyes 'Sunshine In The Rain' and Rekall's proper 'On Time.' Lady G make dem know 'Me Bad' from longtime & Kenne Blessin with 'Lucky Girl.'




Season Change Riddim

Season Change is the next riddim. Berta Records is trying to make THAT difference and they have recruited several of the new breed, Jamaican artists with a nice sounding riddim and well produced. Chino says 'I Nah Worry' and why should he. Of recent times, one of my favorite artists, Kabaka Pyramid, he has the closest thing to the riddim title track & real friends 'Never Change.' Romain Virgo & Bugle (he has two tracks on the riddim) 'No Problem.' Tarrus Riley closes it with 'There IS A Way.'




XOXO Riddim Mix

CR203 Records with help from 21st Hapilos release a nice, kinda easy & a touch of sugar styled riddim called XOXO. A strong line up of artists to match the riddim. All the songs are good. I wouldn't say there's that BIG tune, just nice juggling all the way through. Christopher Martin has a top track in 'Hear The Bells (Wedding Bells). Martin sings 'I know You're ready....' the question is when will Christopher? Alaine has an answer for you "Let's Just 'Hold A Vibes' tonight." It's that time of year for us in the Western hemisphere, it's just about Summer Time and what's better than 'Summer Love' by Mr Vegas. I like Dexta Daps voice, I am not a big fan of his lyrics until 'Humble (We Reach).' Keznamdi knows how to treat his lady in 'Straight Royalty.'




Jack Radics - 'I'm A Believer'

Jack Radics returns with the classic 'I'm A Believer.' He's joined by General Saint. Jack offers his unique touch while General Saint brings a new twist & orginality to the song for a better then normal sing over.




Aaron Duncan- 'What You Gotta Do' (WYGD)

Born June 25, 2003, Aaron Duncan wrote on his youtube channel: It's no secret that the world is in a state of crisis. It makes you wonder what can we do to make a difference. Little do we know is that we have lost that thing called Love. We need love as a nation and as a people. We need to treat our women with respect. Stop the Violence, stop the Fighting. Be your brother's keeper. Love is the answer and here's his contribution. 'WYGD (What You Gotta Do)'




Jah Defender - 'Boom Sound'

Another reggae track out of Trinidad is from Jah Defender. It's a 'Boom Sound' and keeping it positive. It is off the 'Late Night Dub' and was the only one I truly liked.




Jah Sun - 'Guess Who'

Have you become a recent reggae lover or converted to Rastafari? Well this song is for you and all the other recent converts. 'Guess Who' 'hailing the most high, started locks up, holds their meds' and locks their dreads' are the same people & sung by Jah Sun.




Tarrus Riley - 'Just The Way You Are'

Lastly, here's another one to grow on me, as you will read below. Tarrus Riley releases the official video for 'Just The Way You Are' on the Reggae Fest Riddim, which by the way is a nice riddim. It took the video for me to really say yes this is a bad tune. The video is fun with all his fans sending in their part of the song. I am also feeling 'Work Hard' by J Boog & Iba Mahr.


King Kosa ft Konshens & Shenseea - 'Best NaNa'

King Kosa who is new to me has Konshens & Shenseea join him on the sweet melodic 'Sweet NaNa.' It's a bit dirtier than I like and not my favorite topic in song, yet the melody has me. It has a dancehall/hip hop feel to it.




Kymani Marley - Angel [Money Mix Riddim]

The Money Mix riddim seems to be popular already. I am only feeling Kymani Marley's 'Angel.' He sings about the woman he cant' 'imagine living without.' 'You must be an Angel because you're like no one else.' A real love song on a riddim that has alot of harder topics and stands out for this reason.


James P - 'New Meaning'

It is 40 years of Carnival in St Vincent and the amount of quality music coming out is great. One of my favorites over the years is Jamsey P. His new song 'New Meaning,' is keeping him in the spotlight. His 'New Meaning' is a new women in his life and a new love. Come feel his energy.




Kaviedes feat Fireman Hooper - 'All Day'

The biggest attraction to Carnival beside the music is the party, the lime, the bacchanal, the jump up, the drinks, the madness, the winning, which are not my favorites, either way you can't deny it. KAVIEDES FEAT. FIREMAN HOOPER  doing it all in' ALL DAY.' It has such a good groove that the music as in Carnival itself superceds all.



Queen Allison Hinds - 'Single'

Barbados Queen Allison Hinds has returned with her answer to Orlando Octaves big hit 'Single.' It is also called 'Single' and it took a bit to grow on me. He song talks about some guys acting as if they are 'Single.' A good tune about a real topic.




Angel Fete Riddim

The Bahamas has been making musical noise as of late. The next noise maker is the Angel Fete. It is a soca riddim with a bit of a gospel type message to the songs. These songs aren't preachy and are borderline even being called gospel. The riddim is bad, real bad. Top cut comes from DFurnace with 'Can't Take My Joy Away.' This is very true, this can only happen if you let it happen. 'Take Control' as Emrand Henry says, he does add 'Holy Spirit' to it so it does have the gospel feel to it, lyrically. Still a good song. JC Radical 'Fighter' and Muzikal 'Fadda Forgive Me' are the other two songs on the riddim to enjoy so 'just have a little mercy.'

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