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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Stick Figure "The World On Fire"
Stick Figure is Scott Woodruff. Scott was just a studio musician that played everything on all their albums until one day, a booking agent said lets try to put together a full band and do some shows/tours. In this case, the rest ain't history because history is being made. Scott has gone from his bedroom to headlining the biggest stages in the world of reggae. He's out to set 'The World On Fire.' A song originally released in June 2018 with Slightly Stoopid. Then on the album the remix with Tribal Seeds, Common Kings, The Movement & The Green put it over the top. Can't stop singing this one. We all have our angels and Scotty is looking to secure his in 'Angels Around Me.' The key to success is to improve and rise above with every step in life. 'Stick Figure is ready to 'Shine' on like the sun with this new album. "All For You' is a really poppy track. It's truly very simple & very infectious. There's almost a daunting feeling to it. The simplicity is that which will"stick' with you for as long as you can remember, especially if you can do it 'All For You.' It is also the newest single.'Summertime' is a different type of tune for The Stick and Citizen Cope matches that difference with it's light hip hop feel more synonymous with Citizen. I do think you can 'Cope' with it. On 'Easy Runaway' the best thing to do is watch the great natural visuals and just 'take it easy,.' 'Life IS A Party' period. It's about having fun. So have fun and see if you can recognize the very familiar music in the song. Very impressed with not only the choice of 'Cocoa De Rock' and the esecution of this great Alpha Blondy tune. Typically humans are not nocturnal. We need water and love the light of the sun, which has played a big role in this album. So we always 'Welcome The Sun.' Focus on the Sun today because yesterday was yesterday. This is Stick Figure's best album yet.


Various Artists 'Meditation Rdiidm'
A new riddim from a new crew and a few new artists. This is a real nice roots rockin original reggae riddim with touching places like Africa, Austria, Germany, Jamaica & The USA. With 18 tracks we concentrate on our favorites. The album starts with my favorite. 'All The Sacrifice' is the only duo on the album with Bandulu & Danny Ranks. The rankings role only makes Bandulu better in this song. It's the sweet melody of Bandulu that stands strong. I Anbassa lays out the 'Mix Up World' we live in. Reggae music is about righteousness and Mosiah is looking for just & he's not happy with todays system. So he decides to 'Burn Down Babylon.' It's a big mission. The best way to do that in your own little world is to smoke 'Marijuana' by Spectacular. Jahcoustix has the simple solution to all things, it's called 'More Love.' Jahkin gives us that 'Boom Vybz' as we 'Let The Music Play' in the form of reggae music. All tracks are decent so find your favorites here:


Various Artists 'Green Rose Riddim"
Walshy Fire grew up on the songs of the 90's. When we think of reggae in the 90's we think more of the golden era of reggae. Very few realize that this was the rise of Luciano, Sizzla, Capleton, Buju Banton and so many others. Basically, there was an overshadowed modern Jamaican reggae revolution. On the under shadows were people like Cocoa Tea & Louie Culture. Here in a combination that has never been done with 'Beat Dem' that could be straight out of that time and the strongest bid on the new Green Rose riddim.' Most people think Jesse Royal is relatively new, yet he comes from the same era and his time is now with 'Clear My Head.' Bunji was heavily influenced by the 90's dancehall star Bounty Killer. He came into his own in the early 2000's and has returned to his roots on 'Caribbean Girls.' He knows they are the best, with one himself. Making her mark is Malica with the sweetness of 'Oh Me Oh My.'


Jah Cure 'Royal Soldier'

I am putting this out there, that I am the BIGGEST Jah Cure fan. Musically he cant do anything wrong. I will say contrary to this, he did not live up to his standard on the 'Royal Soldier' that he is. When I heard his camp say they were shooting for a Grammy on their next album, I was extremely excited knowing the greatness of the last album 'The Cure.' Don't get me wrong this new album could make it as far as a nomination with the name recognition's of Mya, Tory Lanez, Damien Marley, Popcaan, Capleton, Jr Reid, and his bound singing partner Phyllisa Rose. There are good songs on the album like the first single 'Telephone Love' or my favorite 'Risk It All.' None really stand up to the quality I am accustomed. There are hints of greatness in 'Marijuana,' 'Only You,' & 'Street Kings.' I couldn't find the greatness my ears were expecting. Please make your own assessment.



Konshens 'Bad Man'
One of the most consistent dancehall artists of the 2000's has returned with a track that takes it back to some extent where it all began. Growing up in the 1990's, "Bad Man' takes us there with a newer version on the classic dancehall riddim the 'Bookshelf.' Anybody who really knows Jamaica, knows the badman runs Jamaica. Need I say more. If you need proof just listen.

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