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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Fiji 'Love & Roots"
Every reggae market/scene has there pioneers. Those that set the foundation and for Fiji, Hawaii & the whole Polynesian scene as a whole, that is Fiji. The king of Hawaiian reggae has influenced everyone doing reggae out of Hawaii from Natural Vibrations to J Boog to The Green. Fiji is like fine wine, he gets better with age. You first hear it on his new albums third track 'Rose Garden' and 'Miss Lovely.' Interestingly enough, the album starts with a heavily electronic influenced reggae track, which I normally do not like. Fiji's producers not only make it work, they make it sound good in '3rd Eye.' 'Zion' is a nice tune that will get him there. 'Best Friend' has that feeling, you can tell he's singing this one from the heart. Fiji shows his true Fijian roots with 'Tukuna Na Noqui Loloma,' an ode to his roots & Fijian background. One can feel Fiji, he gives you that 'Highest High' and practices what he preaches in 'Hold On' to your 'roots and culture.' The unfortunate part of this album is it's only 10 tracks long. It ends with more of his 'roots and culture,' 'Tu Veiyawaki.' This is a Fijian & Polynesian classic album. This album "Love & Roots' will seal him as a legend forever. Here's your link:


Propaganja "Sail Adrift"
Florida's Propaganja look poised to be the next reggae rock band to take the scene nationally. Florida is starting to see success in this genre.......finally. Kash'D Out and Artikal Sound System have seen tastes of it. Propaganja has done it by grinding it out. Playing gigs everywhere they can backed by consistent good music that gets better and better. Their new album is a testament to that called "Sail Adrift." Ironically my least favorite song starts the album, which is unfortunate. Albums show start with a strong song. 'Grind With Me' is second and my second leats favorite just because of the title. Then my last pet peeve is cursing and 'Better Days' does just that as well. Outside of that, it's one of the album's best songs. There's always those people that want to bring you down, so you 'Climb' 'the highest peak around.' Most of us live in a fast paced society, so it's nice to be reminded to slow down as in the title track 'Sail Adrift.'I guess Rob, the lead singer & songwriter, had a break up since this album was written because whoever she was he's 'Over Loving You' and taking the 'Detour.' 'Polygamist Flow' is not my style and then the there's the F-bomb several times, so this song is out for me. Musically & melodically it's a good song. I guess I'm ol' skool. If the propaganda & ganja don't get in the way, Propaganjah is on the right path to be a success story.


Hirie "Dreamer"
Making a name on the festival circuit, Hirie is rounding the bend and coming into her own. Her new album "Dreamer" has that reggae pop sound. The album's first single & video 'She Go,' is just that. I like the video. Slightly Stoopid adds a little edge to 'I Like The Way You Roll.' 'Put It Down' gets busy with a hyped up sax & Chali 2na. Hirie spills her guts and gets personal on 'I'm Messed Up.' 'Gwan Boy' has a nice ska feel to it. Musically I like 'Reason To Fly.' Overall I am not really connecting with Hirie. I like her live show and feel her. On this album, I am not really a 'Dreamer so she might connect with the females better than myself.



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