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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Rootz Radicals 'Sampler One'
Out of Germany, Rootz Radicals are helping to push reggae in Europe. These guys studied in ‘August Town’ Jamaica so their sound is authentic. Young resident, Zion is featured on this first track as well. A very ‘Grounded’ band in spirit, music and mentality, this track also features Rebellion The Recaller. Their authenticity can truly be heard on 'Gal Weh In Deh,' especially in their tone & patois. This song, 'Way We All Come From' & 'Lost Paradise' are all older songs included on this free album that are stand outs. Their weed tune is the third one I have heard with the Isley Brothers melody from the song 'Dream, Dream, Dream' and its a good one. There’s only two dub tracks on the album. They are done so well, you are going to want more. The more is the instrumental track called 'Jungle Strip' feat. Thomas Elbi. A good representation of reggae & Germany combined.
Get your free copy here:



Clinton Fearon 'History Say'
50 years is a long time to be doing anything. As a member of The Gladiators, Fearon releases his 12th album 'History Say.' Politicians are always a subject of the rastamans music. The hypocisy of these so called leaders can be heard in 'Mr Pretender' & 'History Say.' This is Clinton's first time collaborating with any artists and he does it with a wide and good variety. Hawaiian Mike Love, longtime friend and veteran Alpha Blondy on 'Together Again' and his daughter Sherine on 'Gimme Some.' The Emertians are there just not stated on 'I Will.' 'Calypso Monkey' an old styled music composition with a topic of the same old nature. I love the words of 'Why Worry.' An album that tells the life of a man from nothing, who through hard work and generosity has been able to climb the peaks and live his art of reggae music. A sensitive man, very early fallen in love with France, where the few words in the language of Molière that you will hear in 'French Connection,' and this is a fruitful collaboration with the French label Baco Records. Good modern roots from a true veteran and a laborer of love of the music, Mr Clinton Fearon. 'History Say' this man shall be recognized for his work and reap his many rewards from it. This album drops Sept 13, 2019


Various Artists 'Send I A Lion'
Leroy Person started Nighthawk Records in 1974 with a series of classic blues compilations. By 1979 he had sold the label to Robert Schoenfeld and found himself in Kingston, Jamaica producing records for the label, now financed by Schoenfeld. Each had found their own calling, Pierson the more creative, and Schoenfeld, drawn more to the business side. Nighthawk went on to release albums by artists like Gladiators, Ethiopian, Junior Byles, Justin Hinds, Winston Jarrett, Itals, Ronnie Davis, and more. Now for the first time, Pierson has retrospectively curated what serves as a best-of sampler of his work for Nighthawk and brought to you by Leroy Person that combines his favorite tracks from albums to singles, as well as an unreleased audition from The Mighty Diamonds. There's also rare tracks. The caliber of music here is unprecedented. Many of the great harmony roots reggae bands like The Morwells, Culture, Justin Hinds & The Dominoes, The Etihopians, The Gladiators, The Wailing Souls,Winston Jarrett & The Righteous Flames and the singer Jr Byles. This is one of those compilations that makes compilations great. Everything is good and has that great Jamaican sound that made everyone fall in love with reggae. This is a pre-release it is not out until Nov 15

Various Artists — Send I A Lion: A Nighthawk Reggae Joint


Davi Reed 'One Vibe A Week'

Embarking on a project completely crazy. The madness keeps the artist in perpetual research and renewal. One Vibe A Week:
it's a new song every Friday, for ONE YEAR! Available on Youtube as well as on all platforms. This will be broken down into
four seasons, each of which will have its own theme, such as autumn, which will be sung only in French, for example.
Each season, 12 titles are unveiled, week after week, and the last week is devoted to the seasonal album "ONE VIBE A WEEK".
Starting with the spring season, it has been completed. The summer season has just been completed. Each piece is accompanied
by a video support, ranging from a sequence shot, to a video with lyrics or even a more involved music video. The project came
about by wanting to put the music out in the moment rather than to let them sit. The songs are Davi's love and strength.
It's a total of 48 unreleased tracks. It's alot of work: Recording, mixing, mastering, and adding visual support requires a lot.
we will choose the three titles of each season to make a BEST-OF 'ONE VIBE A WEEK' album, whose name will remain to be defined together.
The last album will be built together, with twelve tracks chosen by the people - three per season, as well as six titles chosen by the media.
A total of 18 tracks for a participatory album! Here's the first two albums:


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