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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


'REGGAE CAN HELP - Open Arms Project' Various Artists
We all know that 'Reggae Can Help.' Reggae is positive vibes, uplifting lyrics, feel good music and even comforting & inspiring. The new album of the same name is an 'Open Arms Project' of a worldly perspective that puts all of these entities into a reggae musical form on this new album. There are two riddims that make up the album 'Ocean' & 'Open Arms.' Reggae welcomes everyone and the album is a reflection of this element. Jamaica's humble lion, Warrior King is joined by Africa's Ras Takura to save lives, while Chile's Queque Neira invites you to welcome Jah on 'Brillante.' All these artist are of a 'New Generation' including Spain's finest Malaka Youth & Little Pepe as they have the deepest tune on the album in 'Presos De Mar.' 'Everyone deserves a life' says the Emeterians of Spain in 'Rescue.' "Open your arms, let love in, open your heart, let's do the thing, open the door, and let your brothers in" tells Ras Tewelde & Raphael both of Italy. Summer's positive, roots reggae track will be welcomed with 'Helping Arms.'


Aleighcia Scott 'Forever In Love'
Aleighcia Scott releases 'Forever In Love,' a new artist to me, won MMG 2017 Award for Best Reggae Act in the UK. Her voice drips soul and has joined the Studio One of the UK, the Pecking Brothers. Just Imagine Bitty Mclean's female counterpart. In fact, she covers his biggest song 'Walk Away From Love.' The new album features the original studio one tracks with this utterly soulful voice that creates a debut album that bleeds star, veteran status. Every song is great on this album 'Forever In Love.' 'Forever In Love' is what you will be once you hear Aleighcia's voice & her new album. There are two remixes of her songs, which in my opinion, are not needed, her voice stands strongest as her voice. LISTEN!!!!!!!!!


Bitty Mclean 'Love Restart (Deluxe edition)'
Speaking of Bitty Mclean he's back with 'Love Restart.' The digital edition features the 6 extended mixes from the LP and the 5 other tracks from the CD. Produced with Sly & Robbie and Guillaume Bougard, and mastered at Abbey Road. The extended tracks are dubbed out by the Dynamic Duo. More love songs that are sad & happy. A very solid album with all songs sounding great with Bitty's signature on all of them. Everything is there just not the BIG hit.



Peng Peng riddim
A nice riddim and a little different called 'Peng Peng.' Spruddy One's 'Soundman' could have used a better choice of words. Spruddy puts the sound system culture into a perspective many don't look at with a nice melody. The universal 'Africa Is My Roots' comes from Dactah Chando.' Then Phantom MC puts 'Weed & Reggae' into reality while the new Mishah's 'Dollar & Dimes' finalizes the better tracks on the riddim.



Jameik King 'Together As One'
A new song from a new artist with a worldly view in 'Together As One' so we can plant up the land. It also has a nice guitar solo with a rock edge.


Groundation 'The Next Generation'
Groundation fans will be happy to know their new album is coming in the form of 'The Next Generation,' especially since it's been 3 years. The album has a mix jazz styled reggae songs with their traditional reggae sound. The jazz element, musically sounds great, just doesn't work the best vocally. On the other hand, the reggae combines their great sound and vocals, like it were home. The biggest difference between this album and the other 8, is the new band. The album starts off more jazzy and goes into reggae. I think the best reggae/jazz song is in 'Vanity,' which opens the album, is because it starts with an improvisational jazz intro & breaks into traditional reggae and then keeps the jazzier horns throughout. 'Warrior Blues,' 'Lion In Man,' 'Fossil Fuels,' 'My Shield' and keep their reggae sound alive. The album peaks with 'Prophets & Profit' with a nice balance between lead vocalist & band leader Harrison Strattford and female vocalist.



Conkarah 'Up Jump Di Riddim
The king of pop, reggae pop, is Conkarah. He hits us with another pop reggae hit for the ladies called 'Up Jump Di Riddim.' Ladies it is an upbeat almost dancehall pop tune to make you dance.



Chris Demontaque 'Everyone Falls In Love' (High Seas riddim)
Jamaica's best kept secret is Chris Demontaque. He returns with one of his best songs for commercial success in his original song 'Everyone Falls In Love.' A great tune with a good message in the name of the greatest thing in the world........ 'LOVE.' It's on the 'High Seas' riddim.


Jah Signal - Tisvike Pamusoro
Alot of music being labeled as dancehall is coming out of Africa, all over. I have listened to alot from the many different countries there and most of it is not really what I would classify as dancehall. Now Afrobeat has incorporated into everything. With that said the dancehall coming out of Africa has Afrobeats, Juju, and High Life. Zimbabwe has the most authentic dancehall called Zimdancehall. There are other artists like Shaatta Wale, Stonebwoy & Wiz Kid who consistently put out the real stuff. I am not saying anything about the quality of the Africa music just that its not the traditional style of dancehall we've come to know, love & expect. So here's an introduction to Jah Signal out of Zimbabwe with his African laced 'Tisvike Pamusoro.' It's about as good as it gets.


Dakka Skanks 'You Ain't A Skinhead (dub)'
This song really breaks it down or those that really do not know what a true skinhead is all about. It's done in a more ska/upbeat reggae style. Great tune.


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