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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!

Instead of not doing a blog this week we decided to list a bunch of good songs that released. I did not find anything great just good. Maybe this should be the start of an additional playlist? What do you think?


Terry Linen ‘Playing Money Games’
This is the week of lyrics. Terry Linen starts it with ‘Playing Money Games.’ ‘Me hear your friend den a bun a fire, Girl you too greedy, like you alone need it, you have a dutty, nasty money habit, vex if you want me don’t have it, me an’t take the stress with you and money, cause only when you broke you call man honey.’ And the story goes on. Bum dem Terry.


Ce'Cile 'Make Me Feel Nice'
From we first met Ce'Cile as a studio manager in the early 90's she always had sex appeal. Believe it or not she was a bit shy and scared to song. Then she started doing harmonies in the studio and bam she did that tune with Sean Paul and was an overnight star. These days she's a bit selective on her music. She has just released a new sexy dancehall song called 'Make Me Feel Nice.' Not sure if it's directed to someone in particular, the song talks about a 'good body bwoy to come put it on the good body gal, make her feel nice. ah you she want in her life.'
Zagga ‘Dip and Tip’
A fun, new song from Zagga’s EP “Affairs And Heart Breaks.” Zagga says ‘You look like a champion, your body look so strong……love it when you dip and go down……can’t get enough.’A different way to express his love.


Various Artists “The Will To Chill Project”
A riddim project that has all nice songs. It has a soca vibe and the best song is from 01Adan with ‘Hmm.’ ‘Girl you got the hmmm and me like it, me want to link you in a private, that one thing, give me something, steal my heart like a pirate’ is the chorus in short. First verse says ‘keep me anticipating but the hammer hope you’re ready for the nailing, really got me thinking like a devil, still want to enter your heaven.’ Boy got lyrics and we have never heard of him. Daville says ‘it’s never enough, when you bubble up, and model up and you got me busy when the sun goes down.’ I think Daville is trying to make his move and he just might succeed with those lyrics. Leftside has a decent one in ‘Gyal Dem Time’ and Edwin Yearwood’s ‘Come For You.’ (Best gal lyrics)
Shamir Tadeiya 'Hit and Run'
Off of 'The Old Radio riddim,' Shamir Tadeiya has the stand out song on this Afro-Soca almost dancehall riddim. His lyrics of 'I dont want to hit and run, I want to stick and learn, I want to be better than the previous,' is not your typical young man ltrics. Ladies sounds like this is a keeper.


Dub Master Pop “Ska Movements”
An all instrumental album that is very jazzy reggae & ska.  Lots of saxophone solos and features. ‘Ain’t Giving Up’ starts with that sax and is highlighted throughout on this reggae based track. Heavy ska track with a busy yet good sax scandal track that will ‘Blow Your Mind.’ ‘Bounce Weh’ is a lover’s rock styled sexy number.’Faith So Strong’ is a lite reggae track a bit more of a dirty slow jazz smoke filler.  ‘Hopes & Dreams’ has a nice balance of reggae & jazz to start then goes more into reggae while maintaining a jazz feel. ‘How Many Times’ can they keep it up. The part that makes this one stand out is the heavy keyboard bass, while utilizing the sax nicely. Everyone has a ‘Mamma’  and it is one of the few that has vocals. Another nice mix of jazz & reggae. The sound effects in the beginning give it that ‘Midnight Mood.’ Musically the sax has a real jazz feel, a lite reggae touch and more of an R & B vibe. The horn line to start of ‘My Inspiration’ could be just that as it’s a good one and inspiring. Utilizing the reggae dub effects nicely and a nice bubble to mix up. The title track has a bit of ska movements and is the least interesting. ‘Smooth Stomping’ feels a bit cheesy and. Maybe poopy. Please do not let this deter you from the album. Otherwise the album is ‘So Cool.’ Your ‘Sweet Ecstasy’ has arrived with a true reggae sax sound. So ‘Tonight We Jazz’ a slower reggae sax based tune. The standard is set high on this album and would have to be our jazzy reggae album of the year so far if not the eventual pick for the year.
The Interrupters "In The Wild"
The hottest thing in ska for the last 5 years has been The Interrupters. Their new album "In The Wild" is the new sound of ska. It has gone more rock in many forms. Even their new ska sound of the guitar leans more towards the rock side. The attitude is still there and Aimee plays the lead well. All the while, she was 'Raised By Wolves.' It falls somewhere between the third wave and maybe Two Tone. The first track is more rockabilly. 'As We Live' with Tim Arnstrong (the unofficial 5th member) and Rhonda Dakar is that sound. Not matter how far I run I always end up here.' If you equate this into music with 'In The Mirror,' it's that Two Tone sound. One of the better songs as far as ska goes. 'Jailbird' is a rocker. 'Kiss The Ground' is their version of reggae. 'The Hard Way' is that transition from Two Tone to the 90's punk infused ska. 'My Heart' is a sad love song reminiscent of the TV show 'Happy Days' with the Fonz (might be too old for you). Their signature ska sound returns on 'Let 'Em Go.' A rockin billy tune called ''Worst For Me' ...agreed. 'Burdens' takes it back to the original ska/rocksteady days with the help of Hepcat. The best song on the album hands down. 'Love Never Dies' with The Skints comes pretty close. What a scorcha. It's more of that early sound of rocksteady to reggae transition. You really hear Tim's influence on 'Afterthought.' It's a somber ending with 'Alien.' So is this a ska album or a rock album. We would say overall, i'ts a good album leaning more towards the rock side than normal, which is fine. Plenty of ska to keep us happy.


Dub War "Westgate Under Fire"
Skindred's Benji Webbe returns to his reggae/punk roots with his original band Dub War and their new album "Westgate Under Fire." The albums starts with Benji's roots in England. 'Blackkk Man' speaks of the trials and tribulations of being that person  in those early days. Notice the spelling of black with 3 k's. Then goes right into a classic reggae track with a punk twist and a guest appearance from Rankin Roger' all on 'War Inna Babylon.' Sick track. The real punk rock just 'hit the ceiling' with 'Vibes In The Place.' For the next 3 songs the album goes pretty hard punk/metal rock. It does as well on 'Mary Shelley.' The difference here is it breaks down into reggae at the end, what a treat. 'Bite Back' is one of the better harder tunes. Hold on so is 'Coffin Ltd,' especially for metal. Reggae is based on word, sound and power. It's about standing up for your rights, for what is right so when 'Fun Done' it's business time. The Skints did the best reggae version we have ever heard of the classic song 'Let's Stay Together.' Now Dub War has done there's and it's pretty damn good and probably the reggae/punk rock version I guess I am still a real punk rocker because this has to be the best album since the Skints "Learn To Swim." .I love the reggae/punk hybrid



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