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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!

Instead of not doing a blog this week we decided to list a bunch of good songs that released. I did not find anything great just good. Maybe this should be the start of an additional playlist? What do you think?


Israel Starr "Keepers Of The Flame"
"Keepers Of The Flame" is from a musical rasta and son of an icon who is a multi-award winner. His name is Israel Starr. Not so well known in the Western World, huge in the Polynesian, Aotearoa and South Pacific scene. Remember the name, you will remember his music. The album is front heavy with artists like Lutan Fyah, Million Stylez, Riddim Cartel, Luciano & Mutabaruka. His best music is either by himself or with the unknown. In the first half of the album the intro is interesting, Sound Art riddim is nice and would be better with vocals and the interlude with Bob Marley we have never heard is brilliant. Track 7 'Beat You Down' is the first real song to capture your ears. It's an uplifting, motivating song for women to stand up and believe in themselves if any man is 'beating you down in any way. 'Spiritual Healing' ft Lomez Brown & The Natural Roots Band is a top song on the album and really offers that 'Spiritual Healing,' which is so nice. Love the horns as well. 'Spread The Love Around' is the tune. What more could you ask for, the melody is so sweet, the lyrics are great and it's on a classic Dennis Brown riddim. 'Rewind' starts with the sweetest horn line  that will make you 'Rewind.' One that will make you wanna rock with your baby. The Starr sings sweet 'Rub A Dub' reggae music. His career looks bright as a 'Future Navigator' of reggae music. Easy to see and hear why he has won awards and is successful as an independent artist. Makes you wanna go serach for more of his music. The best place to start his here and now with his new album.
Jimmy Cliff "Refugees"
The living legend returns with "Refugees." An album that sounds good by any standards. The question is does Jimmy live up to his caliber or level of quality music. The first single is also the title track 'Refugees' with Wyclef Jean. Two 'Refugees' sing a dance version of the song with great hope. Once we pass the excitement of new music to one of reggae's greatest influencers, does the music live up to the expectations. Well, expectations are not always good. 'Security' does help secure a strong song for the album. We all need it or at least want it, just as we want another great record from Mr Chambers popularly know as Mr Cliff. All the elements are there: Jimmy's voice still sounds great; the music is there from the old ska sounds as in 'Money Love' to world beat to traditional reggae as in 'One Song.' There's even that uptempo song that is not really reggae 'My Love Song' and 'Punus.' Jimmy sings 'I am moving on; they will never take my crown.' It's so true in 'Moving On.' Maybe we should just let Jimmy be Jimmy and not have these expectations. One thing is for sure Jimmy and his colleagues have always sang 'We Want Justice' as he sings 'yea yea yea and it's time for change' with the help of Dwight Richards. In this world, Justice and change are almost synonymous. We need to concentrate on what's more important and bigger than us all are the messages in his music and reggae music. Will Jimmy see no more 'Racism' in his lifetime? He sings again 'no one wins the race with Racism.' Time is running out for Jimmy. Classic sounding Cliff. Jimmy sang many a classics that were very simple musically and maybe even slow musically and that is here on 'Bridges.' 'Happy Day' feels joyous and uptempo; it makes you feel 'Happy.' The album ends with the original version of the first single 'Refugees' as the dance version. So, there is everything you could ever expect from the legend Jimmy Cliff. There is also the unexpected. Find your favorite song and just enjoy it because that is what is ultimately most important.
The Dualers "Voices From The Sun"
Ska is biggest in the UK. Two Tone was birthed there, Jamaica's braught ska with them when Jamaica got it's independence in 1962. Ska has history and a home in the Uk especially England. One of the biggest aggregates are the Ska/Reggae band The Dualers. They have released a great new album called 'Voices From The Sun."  Many people have the images of 'Sunny Days' when they think of reggae and maybe ska. The true essence of ska is found in 'Sweet Jamaica.' Ska should have you dancing all night. It is a music that's contagious, just like that girl that's 'Got That Smile' and knows how to use it. This one has a pop edge, too. The effect of reggae & ska can make even 'Mr Penniless' feel good: 'that I never let it get me down, you gotta keep moving on.' 'Some Of Dem' are 'Special' and some like you 'Just As You Are' and wanna 'Wake Up With.' 'Johnny Dangerous' wanted a reputation that fits well for the ska fan. The ska continues on 'Hole In My Pocket.' Have you ever heard the saying 'they look good from far, yet far from good'? Well, The Dualers flip it around in 'The Closer You Get.' They Sing 'the closer you get, the better you look.' . If every girl were 'My Girl' this world would be in trouble. The Dualers make it sound so good. The last song 'Red Light' says you stopped me like a red light....girls. This song made us realize that our favorite reggae & ska bands have horns and looking back I think this was the only song with horns. Hope that continues. This a great band because they play really good reggae and they play even better ska, which is their strength.
Protoje feat. Jesse Royal 'Family'
A perfect balance of hip hop drums and the reggae beat to make 'Family.' The latest single from Protoje featuring Jesse Royal. It is the third single off his latest album 'n Search of Lost Time.' A word loosely used in Jamaica, 'Family' is about those you can truly count on in all times.
Papa San ‘Love About You’
Do you remember this don? He has since turned Christian and this new tune is a sweet reggae tune about the things he loves about his particular loved one.


Anthony John ‘Tropical Life’
Anthony John is one of the veterans that is not well known. He has released a new album called. The only track where it all comes together is ‘Tropical Life.’ It’s done not in his typical style of reggae, it’s a fun uptempo ska tune that works best and is the last song on the album.



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