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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Megumi Mesaku 'Saxy Rocksteady'
Megumi Mesaku fell in love with reggae, ska & especially rocksteady. Miss Megoo has worked with some of Jamaica’s top reggae stars, including The Skatalites, The Pioneers, Alton Ellis, Derrick Morgan, Prince Buster, Ken Boothe, Max Romeo, Big Youth, Dennis Alcapone, Little Roy, Winston Francis and Roy Shirley. Nowadays she plays with UK bands like Ska Cubano, the Trojans and the Topcats. This being her second album pays tribute to her peers & heroes while introducing her original flavor with great help from Mafia & Fluxy. The album opens with 'Megumi Special' her interpretation of Prince Buster's 'All My Loving' from The Beatles. Her rendition of 'Pupa Lick (Soul Vendors) is what got her noticed and it's a ska-rcher. The title track is all Megumi. 'Light In The Garden' has a real, authentic rocksteady sound to it from the era itself & looks to be a Mesaku original.If Megumi does not love the man in in 'You're My Favorite Gentleman,' then this is not love, the sexy way. If this song ''Drive Me Crazy' is not inspired by The Tennors or The Heptones, then this woman was born in the wrong era. 'First Dance' has a similar feel and just about as good. Everyone should know the next track. 'Size Doesn't Matter' has a nice sax melody and one of the more modern sounding tracks. 'Blue Moon' is an interpretation of the popular jazz standard “Blue Moon” with Trevor Edwards on trombone and Patrixx Aba Ariginal on trumpet. A great reggae rendition with a classy groove. Megumi shows her heritage on 'Tengoku' which means heaven and it another of her originals. You feel more of a modern lover's rock sensation on the number 'Let Me Feel It.' Musical stylings are similar on 'Nostalgia Love' as the last yet this track is much warmer, natural & real. This next to last track could very easily be Megumi Mesaku's anthm 'Rude Gyal Rocksteady.' Lastly, its 'Aye Aye Aye' and it ends it on the note of what this album is all about: 'Saxy Rocksteady.' The album has a modern sound yet retains that original vibe of rocksteady, it's a master blend incorporating a warm jazz feel. Getting 'Saxy' with 'Rocksteady' has been done best by the queen of the rocksteady sax Megumi Mesaku.


AK Songstress 'It's Not Easy'
A Ghana based reggae/dancehall/afrobeats artists who's just dropped a new song from her upcoming reggae/dancehall ep 'King Of Queens,' called 'It's Not Easy.' A tribute/cover to the late great Lucky Dube. Definitely her own touch and sounding good because if it's Ak it's Ok.


The Soul Chance 'The Soul Chance'
Bakersfield, California is a boring place. The two good things about that for Bakersfield's The Soul Chance is they shouldn't have too much trouble getting people to come out to their shows. The other positive, is it's good to be in a band and be from California especially when playing outside of Bakersfield. The best part about being from Bakersfield is this has to be their best reggae band ...... by far. Their vintage & classic sound of reggae & soul from members Nico Collins and AJ Brewer is straight out of Orange St Kingston. Now which one is 'My Best Guy' is going to be tough since this track sets the pace & sound for the rest of the album by combining that reggae & soul into one. If you 'Give Love A Try,' you will will fall in love with their sound. The sound is soo good and 'The Feeling Is Real.' 'Mr Stranger' will not sound that way as their sound is so reminiscent of the 1960's & 70's. The Soul Chance 'Doesnt Brag' or boast because you know in their own words 'I Tried My Best,' which is Keith & Tex's 'Tonight.' 'Yours & Mine' is a great organ based stepper and instrumental with a great phrase. 'Why Wait' is a take of Billy Stewart's 'Sitting In The Park.' A very 'soul' stirring track called 'You'll See Me' finishes this great first impression of a self entitled album from The Soul Chance.


Stick Figure ‘All For You’
Stick Figure’s new song is ‘All For You,’ literally. It’s so simple and has all the right ingredients in a good groove, melody, sound and the intro is so strong it holds you through the rest of the song. Theres only 6 lines of words in the whole song and lasts nearly four and a half minutes. After listening to the song several times, it’s now my new favorite Stick Figure song.


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