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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Iya Terra 'Coming To Light'
If Iya Terra is not on your radar, they should be. Their third & new album proves the boys are 'Coming To Light' and they are doing it with their friends & colleagues: The Green, The Movement, Jesse Royal, Cas Haley & Satsang. The higher ground they walk the better they walk & talk the talk. The new album shows maturity in 'Tried & True.' Have you ever heard the saying today is the first day of the rest of your life? If not, listen to the first single 'Wash Away' because its a very similar concept, that starts off in a kind of rocking way. What is the answer to all the worlds problems? You can find it all in 'Break Down The Walls.' Now with their touring experience they are all about the journey and do so on 'Follow Your Heart' and 'Carry The Weight' as they are always ready to do. 'Hold Ah Vibes.' is true as they travel across the nation in a different city every night. 'One Life' has special meaning because it is all we have, so maximize it. If there's one thing within in reggae its 'Ganja Must Burn.' The other is love of another as in I 'Burn' for you. Lastly, play with fire & you will get burn. and 'Fire & Water' can't mix. Keep it real.


Akae Beka 'Mek A Menshun'
Akae Beka is back once again with a Zion High Productions in "Mek A Menshun," a mystical offering from the Virgin Islands. Full of reverence and meditative Rastafari vibes, this album is sure to elevate your mindset with powerful lyrics and positive frequencies. Zion High always has great productions while Akae Beka has a deep vibe. I think more will get this album as Vaughn is a very deep person and his messages are more palatable for the common man. 'By Day' is about 'love always' and secures that love 'by day.' Everything in life has a vibe, a energy and those are how we connect and Akae references it in 'Chemistry' and that's why the best vibes with someone are even when you 'Nah Talk.' The single & top track off the album is the title track with Protoje. This is all about Haile Selassie, Rastafarianism & 'The Mighty,' as is the basis for this music. If you 'Mek A Menshun' make sure it includes Jah. 'Reason' has two meanings: as in why we do the things we do & also means to hold a discussion. Here it's why living has a purpose and we can discuss it too. It also makes everything in life 'Worth It' and so beautiful, it's just 'Our Ways.' Akae Beka at this stage of his career has been at it since and would be a 'Veteran Of Narrative' and a big part of it is because of 'the knowledge increase.' Get on this wavelength, feel the vibrations, find the path and seek the truth and love one another thru the love of his majesty because ultimately we only have 'Only Now.' Selah.


Third World feat Chronixx 'Na Na Na'
Damian Marley is producing Third World's new album 'More Work To Be Done' and all 4 songs I have heard from the album are FIRE!!!!!. This new tune is no exception. It's the best of the foundation meets the young lions when Chronixx helps sing 'Na Na Na.' It has a catchy vibe, real roots rockin reggae & a good message. What more do you want or need? If that's still not enough wait until this album finally drops, the fire will not stop during any & all occasions.


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