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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Pepper 'Local Motion'
Non-Hawaiians may not know the significance of 'Local Motion.' It's a tradition since 1977 in Hawaii. It's true meaning is the true movement, power, and speed of surf, and also embodied the Hawaiian-grown image, which is further emphasized by the iconic palm tree logo. Pepper have always represented Hawaii as a band & musically take their brand of reggae, island inspired music throughout the US. The band is always upbeat, good times and sometimes even a bit wild. This album takes their brand a step further. To put part of their perspective into reality, one angle is their great & honest song about the ladies called 'Candy.' 'Girl you are so sweet like 'Candy' and Pepper just can't cheat. The album starts with a 'Warning' featuring Stick Figure, because we got to get out of this place. It's time to head to 'Carnaval' with Henry Fong & Jinco. 'Neighborhood' feels so good because its the tune to change your mood with my attitude because all that's missing is you. My favorite song and it has maturity to it with a good vibe and melody. Pepper even gets sweet especially with 'Sugar.' Nothing is sweeter than 'Candy.' Nothing like a 'Brand New Day' with Pepper. 'You know you're gonna drown in the truth, you can't keep swimming in lies. You gotta get back to shore.' The reggae sound is good just basic & simple. A bit more toned down for the boys from Hawaii, by all means a good album and this ain't nothing other than the 'Truth.'


Stick Figure 'Summertime' feat Citizen Cope
It's here, just in time for 'Summertime.' The newest & latest from both Stick Figure & Citizen Cope.



Ed Sheeran feat Justin Bieber with the Chronixx & Koffee remix 'I Don't Care'
The #1 song in America got a bonafide reggae/dancehall remix with Jamaica's hottest... Chronixx & Koffee. Ed has gone for that dancehall sound before and now it has been legitimize it with this remix.


Denham Smith 'Old School'
Denham Smith was first recognized as the great background/harmony singer for Gentleman. Now with his first solo album 'Old School,' it's the first song 'At Your Door' that attracted me to search for more. A nice tune and the album's best. 'Natty' is a song of personal space annihilation and sounds like an experience of mild discrimination for Denham Smith. Maybe he's just a 'Dready,' not wanting any war as a baldhead rastaman. Denham is also not at all 'Caught Up' in anything other than being 'Still In Love' with his special lady. Mr Smith does not like 'Waiting' for her either. A nice roots reggae record with lover;s rock messages.



Yves Lewis 'I'm In Love With The Music'
My new soca theme song is Yves Lewis 'I'm In Love With The Music.' A great tune, melody, message and makes for a great song.



The Dryers 'Marley'
A true combination of light reggae with country. 'You make move like Marley, you got me dancing in the sun, feel it in my soul, feel it my heart.' Listen to the lyrics you can't help to like it.


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