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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


King Lorenzo 'Life'
King Lorenzo has serious talent & his music is rasta reggae music. His latest album "Life" is focused on Selassie I. In fact, the King ask to 'Let Him Reign' from the start of the album. 'Life' has it's dangers and Lorenzo asks you to seek Jah because of all the 'Blam Blam' and he's 'tired if see the youths die.' One of the albums best tracks is 'Know Not The Hour' as we've got to get ourselves in line. Lorenzo knows Jah love will conquer over all. The king always says 'I Give Praises' especially when he wakes and sees another sun shining day (I think we all should). So for this Lorenzo 'Gives Jah Glory.' I love 'God Bless Medley.' It uses an old riddim, melody and lyrics all from different songs to create a great combination of songs, vibe and Lorenzo's voice sounds best on this track unto Jah. Lorenzo's also a lover and rightfully so since Jah is love. That love is expressed best in 'Never Turn My Back' and is another top track from the album. 'Life' is simple: 'Have Fun, be smart, make that love is in your heart.' This one is done in a nice uptempo, modern day ska style. 'Don't Stop The Music' because this music, Jah's music is too good.
At this point, it should be very clear that Lorenzo 'loves Jah' and has let HIM 'Take Control.' Every 'Life' has a 'Life Story.' As a youth Lorenzo was taught to pray and realizes that 'Life' is the greatest gift and it and the best things are FREE. This has helped him 'keep his head high and Never Fail To Try.' Oh my Jah you see and know and I hold it all unto you. 'Life' continues and its the story of King Lorenzo who shows it is all about love, life, Jah and the continued faith as he shows his knowledge, love & understanding. This King will reign with this album 'Life.'


The Phonosonics & Leroy Sibbles 'Me & Mrs Jones'
What an all around great piece of music. Now 'Me & Mrs Jones' is a classic so if you can't do it proper do not do it at all. One of my favorite new bands that has that old school sound is Canada's Phonosonics. They have teamed with the legend Leroy Sibbles, who out did himself on this one for a classic rendition of a classic song: 'Me & Mrs Jones,' this combination definitely have a a thing going on here.


SunDub 'Burden Of Love'
What started out as club get together of reggae musicians & enthusiasts has now turned into a band called SunDub out of the Brooklyn boro in NY and formed in 2013. Now in 2019 Sundub has released their debut album 'Burden Of Love.' The band definitely has the music to 'Burn Down The Place.' The soulful & sultry vocals of Joanna Teters and brother & drummer Ben hold it all together So as she says 'take me home' as something happens when you are 'Close To Me.' The title track is the stand out track. Most of us have dealt with a long distance relationship and 'when you love someone and you don't see their face thats the 'Burden Of Love' and when you wake up in a lonely place thats the 'Burden Of Love.' If someone can make me whole, that means they are your 'Light.' Joanna's voice really shines on this track, while the horns are a stand out feature as well as the steel pan. 'Light' leads to 'Mt Zion' as its calling out her name' and her name again is Joanna Teters. Sydney Mills of Steel Pulse worked on the next track 'Won't Go Easy' as this one has a little more of a rock feel. The fact that Sundub was a gathering in Brooklyns reggae culturists and that Larry McDonald (percussion) & Ruff Scott (vocalist) both of Easy Star All Stars out of New York, appear on the album only makes sense.This one has a ska feel too. 'Rising Sun' is a bit different and makes Joanna's tracks better. The album ends on a dub note of the title track. Good stuff. This will positively get them out of Brooklyn for sure and hopefully tour because we would love to see them live.



Papayo, Pitbull & Kymani Marley 'Yayo'
Pitbull has recorded several songs with the Marleys. 'Yayo' has a good vibe with a Latin, Hawaiian, reggae and a pop vibe to it all in one. It's the combination of two Latin artists, a ukelele, a Marley and Mr Worldwide that help bring all these musical elements together. Just a feel good song.



Various Artists 'Sexting Riddim'
Big riddim, big names and potentially big tunes with a soca base and a dancehall feel. The hybrid and evolution of soca has steered more towards a dancehall sound. The key to this riddim and it's sound is the drums. The drums borders on both genres and at times it goes from one to the other. So the artists are both soca, dancehall, and crossover. Produced by Johnny Blaze & Stadic, who have a great track record for this sound and in addition there's the newer sounds of DJ Perf. The big artists are Konshens and Stonebwoy, The big tunes are 'Handsfree' Mya & Ding Dong, 'Hold Back' Kes, 'Kiss & Tell' Patrice Roberts, 'Wha Dis' Christopher Martin and a new version of 'Girls Dem Suga' with of course, Beenie Man & newcomer Stiga Da Artist. Hey Choppi is the kid on the block and holds his own. This riddim should do big things.


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