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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


The long awaited album from Kabaka Pyramid is here & it's called 'Kontraband.' Produced by Damian & Stephen Marley which is a perfect fit for his style & sound (similar to Damian's) ... roots reggae music with a hip hop edge & hard hitting. From the first note in 'Make Way' featuring Pressure Busspipe to 'All I Need' feat Nattali Rize, it's going to be one of the best for 2018. The songs 'Well Done' & 'Can't Breathe' are the singles already released, & the title track with Damian Marley has just released. Of course, no one has a style like Kabaka as expressed in 'Lyrics Deity' & his melodies make all 16 songs worth a listen. Now the tracks that you do not know & need to hear will follow...  The truth of 'Reggae Music' is exposed in a Jamaican perspective. A girl has the Pyramid 'Kaught Up' in the moment. 'Africans Arise' is his plea to keep Mama Africa strong & draws for Akon on this one & 'Borders' features Stonebwoy while 'Natural Woman' lets the African women to keep it same way.  'Everywhere I Go' proves that as these artists support each others' shows all over the world. This is a guest appearance by Protoje & 'Blessed Is The Man' that Chronixx shows love. The Reggae Revival really supports each other & you have to love that.










E.N. Young formerly of the band Tribal Seeds goes solo ... again. This time he's stepped up his game with 'Forest Wilderness.' A nice, mellow & smooth reggae album with guests Morgan Heritage, Inna Vision, Half Pint, Addis Pablo & Meta and the Cornerstones. It's his 'Cool Love' and his 'Wake Up' that will get you. So 'Pay Attention' and keep it 'Forward Livity' and 'Rise' with the best.


Maui Hawaii's Inna Vision is Koa Lopes. Hes got a nice voice and a good vibe. His new album 'Link Up' is more hip hop than usual and I like the 'Real Type of Cop' in that style. There are several reggae tracks and most of these are good like his rendition of Dennis Brown's 'Revolution' with Josh Heinrichs & Skillinjah. I also like 'Survivor.' I hope he does more reggae, that is his strength.



Omar Perry makes his 'New Dawn' felt and creates a positive & 'Sweet Love' through his roots reggae. Contrary, the album starts off a little slow even with Jah Mason. Once 'Be Like That' kicks in to gear, the album starts to shine. 'Bad Minded People' is turned into something positive: 'I never, ever let them get me down.' The Congos do 'Come Checking For Me.' Whatcha you going to do when you 'See Dem Running,'  and you're going to enjoy the vibes in 'Wey Dem A Go Say.' A good & solid reggae album.


New York's Oogee Wawa releases the new song 'City To City.' Very much along their growing sound of combining reggae, reggae rock & hip hop. They do it as well as any. They keep it fun & positive and that's why they get the love they do when they travel from 'City To City.'

Got a file emailed with just music. It was full of new songs, new artists and new riddims. I knew none of them. So I find a new song in there from an artist called Fyah Lynx. Song's called 'Life Good' and so is the song. I really like the tune, the vibe and the message. Lynx's sound and flow is also good. I know nothing more. Do I need to know more, not really. It would be nice. The most important part is that it's good. Then Rueben Heights also has one on the riddim which sounds decent too. So this is one of those jewels in the rough. Love those the most.





King Bubba is an energetic artist and producer. Full of vibes. Not always my vibe since I am not a drinker or partier. I'm a vibes man more on spirit, music & energies. King Bubba's latest song & riddim have the strong vibe and its a drinking/party vibe that cant be denied. The riddim is 'Mad Alien' & the song is 'Juice.'

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