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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


The Oldains "Roots N' Soul (Nice & Easy)"
For easy to listen to music, The Oldains "Roots N' Soul (Nice & Easy)" is a 'nice' choice. It's two of my favorite styles/genres of muzik: ska & jazz. I'd call it ska with a very strong jazz feel. The vocals are from Saphie Wells. She brings the songs to a higher level seduction and does it with that female jazzy appeal.  The skank of ska & with a little bit of reggae, never ever leave any song for too long. It's usually during the solos. In many of the songs, I discovered that it did not get jazzy until the song was two thirds done. It actually makes for a nice surprise/change to these songs. Once we get your 'Reaction,'  Saphie starts it with the classic wailers tune written by Peter Tosh that says 'Get Up Stand Up' because she is tired of deception. I think we all agree. 'If You Think You Don't Know' well than you don't. Starting with that last song, the rest of the album cruises and takes us home along the coast. Enjoy the ride as these are the most reggae of songs, except 'When The Spring Comes Back.' My grandparents were big jazz fans & I finally have the album for them to get them into reggae.
Their music give you that 'Feeling High' vibe and the trumpet in this one is murder. One of the few that is more of a reggae groove. Did  I mention the piano, too? 'Oh What A Day' makes today that day. It's about enjoying the moment wherever you are no matter what you are doing. Stay present. So just have 'A Little Bit Of Trust' in The Oldians, their music and where their vibe takes you. At this point, there's no use 'Talking About' it. Here's to the music we love because 'The Answer Is Love' and it's so 'Easy Loving.'
Their music is truly 'The Root.' Stressed, bad day, down & out or just need to relax or even calm down, this is the music to sooth your 'soul.' This is why the album is called 'Roots N' Soul/Nice & Easy.' It is exactly that:

Mango Woods "Stomp You Down"
'Ah Reggae' from the 1960's was a great time and era of music as a whole. All the music of that era, regardless of genre, was organic and really good. Jamaica was being influenced by he music out of America, more than anywhere.
I was he great sounds of jazz, rock n' roll, rhythm & blues, soul and even the doo wap from the 50's. Memphis soul & New Orleans jazz really influenced the beginning of Jamaica's music called ska. It slowed down to more of the soul style with rocksteady and them down shifted one more time to become reggae. It's these later two eras and the transitions that heavily influenced and the sound of Mango Wood. This is their sound They duplicate the sound very well down to the three piece harmonies in most of the songs. There's even patois as in the title of 'Fattie Me Gwan So.' 'Boris The Blade' has the sound of rocksteady as an instrumental, which was quite popular in the ska era. Same with the title track, the exception is the vocals are there. The sound is so good.These guys are from Madrid and any regular readers of this blog will know how much I rant & rave about the music of Spain all the time. These guys are no exception. It is fitting that they do 'Milk & Honey' because it's actually about tea which is very popular in their culture and not the Dennis Emmanuel Brown song. 'Feeling so right 'It's Alright,' is perfect a near perfect description of Mango's sound. I was definitely leaving out the feel, which is important. It's better, way better than 'Alright,' too.
'Move It Up' strong' also shows these same elements as their strength. It's not the easiest to duplicate that sound especially on guitar. Some bands, groups never get it right. 'Night Terror' has a great instrumental sound and the right name as I can see it working well for those that know Halloween.
Remember, this is their debut album so there is lots of room to grow. The only part that needs attention in the growth department is a hit song and it might be in the area of stronger melodies with words not slurs. They sound great just need a tune that jumps out at your audience. The golden era of reggae can never die. Part of the beauty in their sound is that it is so authentic. It was accomplished in part by being recorded all in analog, which is what was used back in th 1960's in Jamaica. Another key element is their organ sound and the work of the guitarist. The two keep it very authentic. Just to put another stamp of authenticity, Mango Wood backed Studio One bands as the band for The Heptones & The Silvertones. What more do you need or 'Wanti Wanti'..........just a copy of this album.

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