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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!



Various Female Artists 'Lioness Order Riddim'
Love the concept of this album more than anything else. The riddim is nice, artist selection is good and the concept is great. Kelissa starts it with the title track. My favorite track is Trinidad's Queen Omega's 'Never Trouble No One.' On the rise is Aza Lineage with 'Kill Them With A Sound.' One of my favorite European reggae singers is next, Sara Lugo with 'Woman On A Mission.' Treesha comes hard with 'Fyah Daughter' which is suppose to feature another great Queen Ifrica.. Yeza's 'Rebel Empress' is strong and alstly it's Empress Kazayah with 'Thunder Clap.'


I Kong Meets The Tabernacle Posse
I kong has turned up his reggae music. On this new EP/mini album he’s joined by The Tabernacle Posse on every track. I do not know them, the talent is there. The other consistent feature is the great dub mix of every track. The last two songs have it as apart of their extended mix. Both would be extra special. The starts strong and finishes nearly as strong. The opening track, ‘Tun Dem Back’ feat. Hoopa Jan, starts with a great horn line, very similar to Brigadier Jerry’s original ‘Ragamuffin’ on the ‘African Beat’ riddim. The appropriately named ‘Reggae Rocking’ will ‘rock you tonight,’ no doubt. It fearures Ijah Reece as well as a rock guitar solo. Both ‘This Is A Cry’ and ‘Rain Drops’ keep the vibe going. ‘Give Thanks’ is a. Ice meaningful way to end the album with my favorite guest on the album Phe-Nom. It’s all about giving thanks for life.....everyday!!!


Various Artists 'Unity Riddim"
A nice original roots reggae riddim that creates 'unity' with all the artists on the riddim by teaming two artists to each song. The best duos are Warrior King & Chezidek for 'Bless My Life.' the blesesd 'Life' with Mark Wonder & Jah Rain,' 'World Peace' through the biggest name Capleton joined nicely by Elijah Prophet, this one is for 'My People' Jah Mason & Turbulence, newcomer I Marley does it with Spectacular on 'Raw Reggae Look,' reggae veteran offspring Omar Perry is teamed with Guyana's Natural Black on 'These Are The Days' and out of Africa is Big Desal & Fatogoma Keita on my favorite 'Wac C Way CC.'


Various Arists 'General A General riddim'
At first you think it's going to be another version of one of Jamaica's best reggae riddim "The General." When you listen you realize it's taken from, if not the best song on the riddim, the second best, 'General A General' by Christopher Martin. It's one that sticks in your head more than all the others. The top contender is Busy Signal's 'No Way Out.' This tune shows more growth from Busy, who is becoming more & more dynamic and added to his strength as an artist. Romain Virgo & Kumar Fyah have a nice tune together and so is the duo of Christopher Martin & Jesse Royal. Tunes that will make it into most DJs rotation that play the riddim. I found an attraction to Balaguero's latin languaged 'Sonrie.'



Green Valley 'Bajo La Piel'
One of Spain's greatest reggae bands Green Valley has released a new vibe with their new album 'Bajo La Piel.' The album title translates as 'Under The Skin,' which it just might as the vibe is way more mellow & acoustic than normal for the band. Maybe it's the new life in their life as heard in the album's second track 'Sol Y Luna.' Maybe the band is tired of something as in 'Ya Me Canse.' Love the horns and the music in this one. It's also very similar to 'Don Ramiro' in this aspect. The only guest, Macao, appears on 'Caminando.' Life has slowed down for Green Valley and they are spending more time walking staying present as in this song. The catchiest tune is 'Sonar' as it starts out over a kette style style riddim than really comes alive and truly finds it sound with more of those great horns and a rootsy rockin riddim. Lastly, it's 'Un Amigo' as Green Valley is definitely, at the least, your musical friend.


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