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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Our first track is an interesting & good one. It's called "Lalomu.” It's an Island/Jawaiian reggae track that features beautiful harmonies with an RnB style of vocals from Kid Nesian, who is from Papua New Guinea,  fused with the Jamaican dancehall vibes from Chi Ching Ching. It is sung in both English and Motu. “Lalomu” is a Motu/PNG expression meaning “Always on My Mind."




Toronto reggae veteran Jay Douglas has released a new album called 'Lover's Paradise (Best of).' It mainly deals with the love topic in reggae form as well as that lover's rock style of reggae. A nice CD all the way through. The album is also done in collaboration with Chris Butcher, a horn player from Canada. He actually wrote my favorite track on the album called 'Messengers' and one of the few that has a topic other than LOVE. We are the messengers of peace & love, we are the children of the most high. It's about the almighty Jah and the role we each play in life on Earth.


Bobby Hustle takes the top songs on two new riddims: Love Emoji & Herbalist Selection. The Hustle's songs are 'Rock With Me' & 'U Gotta Be,' respectively. His Costa Rica adventure spawned lots of music & now he has the capability to release it. One to never to leave out the ladies, 'Rock With Me' he steps up his lyrical flow & style just for the ladies. While in Costa Rica, The Hustle tapped into the reggae scene and you can hear the better talent on 'Herbalist Connection' riddim. It's Bobby's tune that is one of the few that is not an herb song and takes top selection. You can hear and feel his persistence in 'U Gotta Be' as you gotta be wise, cool, smart and that way you can move mountains. Big Up The Hustle.






Badda General, formerly Froggy, is stepping up his game with the release of several good dancehall riddims and his new 7 song album 'Split Personality Project.' Heavily influenced by the dancehall greats like Supercat on 'Touch Down,' Half Pint on 'Too Bad' and the singer Wayne Wonder.  These are the best songs on the album. Hip hop makes its bid on several tracks as the country boy brings X-Ale for 'Sexy Lady,' that has a soca feel.




Patoranking has finally come out with a real dancehall tune. Maybe it's because this vibrant summer sound also has Jamaican street selector Ikel Marvlus from Team Shella on the intro to set the tone for 'Suh Different.'




Ragga soca a run di world right now. As a vinyl DJ myself, a song called 'Vinyl' just came out on the 'vinyl' riddim, hits home for me. Love the ingenius lyrics, the sweet ragga soca sound and how it hits home for me. Track is from Dymez & daPixel. It's also the lead song off of the riddim named 'vinyl'.




The 'Primavera' riddim brings English & Spanish together with Colombia (Afaz Natural, Alerta Kamarada), Spain (All B, Ganjar Family, Juame Mas, Kano Sunsay & Dominguez, Lasai), Jamaica (Papa Michigan) & Costa Rica (Jahricio). All songs hold a vibe. The strongest comes from the least known All B, doing all English on 'Positive We Are,' while Lasai & Alerta Kamarada's 'Take it Easy' combines both languages and the ganja vibes which lead to the title of the track. Lastly, the Jamaica Costa Rica link up take it back to the roots of 'Ram Dancehall.' There's history in this combination. Jamaicans were brought in to build the railroad in the Caribbean city of Puerto Viejo. Now you know why reggae is so loved in Costa Rica, it is in their blood.

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