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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Kumar "Kulture Walk"
Timing is everything. Whether you believe it or not, the good side to our time with ourselves is a new awakening, a new experience. It is a time to to look within and see the strength and power of BEING. The time is now. Unification, change and a shift in movement and thinking is happening. Hopefully you are aware of these things & times. I hope you are taking advantage of the opportunities that are being created. If you are great and if not maybe a "Kulture Walk" can help you understand and help get you there. Everything has energy, a vibration and 'There Is No Movement Without Rhythm.' So music is my best form of energy. Remember a baby can only understand energies. It is it's first form of communication. We are in the unknown for many. We all want to be in a better place, so maybe it's time to start 'Trading Places.'
In order for many of us to go on we have to make these changes. Ultimately do you need money to live? No you need food, water & shelter, clothing & love. Do these take money? In most societies it is a lot easier to use money.  We can grow our own food, dig a well for water, grow cotton to sew our own clothes, build your own house with the resources around us. It's all very possible. It may sound hard to many. You do not know until you try. In the words of Kumar to drive for wealth without the richness of mind and body is a psychological trap. This is where most of the world falls.  'Trading Places' helps you get there and understand this concept. You can 'Live Another Day' if you absolutely want to live. Maybe you have not been tested, threatened or had your comfort taken away. Think about it any and all things are possible. I am not quite there, I am getting closer and Kumar knows this life. He is a new spiritual warrior for those that need help, guidance or an awakening.
We all love an adventure, an expedition, a trip. Imagine just you on the sea for this excursion, 'you are as small as a "Grain Of Sand."' It's a 'Sailing' excursion. It has a different feel to it. First its not straight reggae same with "Grain."
You can't deny what he's are lost. This is it. WAKE UP!!!!!! Love is the answer. In the end, we return to where we came from......Mother Earth.
We may only be a "Grain Of Sand," our minds are bigger than that and more powerful than anything out there. A stand out track has to be 'Dry Bones' for what Kumar is singing as well as for it's sound. 'One Day' give us hope, prosperity & that upbeat sound we need to get through the rougher days. 'Loyalty,' 'Race Of Your Own,' 'Remember Me (new mix)' and 'Jamaica' offer more of those different sounds. Do not expect a full roots or even reggae album
Kumar’s new album ‘Kulture Walk’ is a mental, physical and spiritual movement set to music, if you haven't realized this already. Metaphysically, the exercise involves seeing the world brand new every day, exploring the fundamental nature of life and reacting without bias. Creative people often possess an inner eye of consciousness, beginning at birth and remaining dynamic through life. Kulture Walk represents the musical revelations of a young man’s growth beginning with his own cultural perspectives embellished by the diversity of the world around him. Kulture Walk is the culmination of two years of dedicated work, releasing inner voices and memories amplifying Kumar’s lyrical potency. Worldwide travels influenced by cultural traditions enhanced Kumar’s interpretations of life’s observations. Kulture Walk takes us through the   insecurity of past mistakes, embracing an evolved grasp of reality. The Kulture Walk album has thirteen tracks and present a variety of musical styles including features with M1 “Dead Prez” (USA) and Agent Sasco   (Jamaica). Co-producers include Robert Livingston (Big Yaad/Jamaica), Clive Hunt (Jamaica) and Walter Bonnot (Italy). Notis and Budwise productions also contributed mixed by Gregory Morris (Jamaica). Executive Producers include Kulture Walk Music Group and Music Movements. The album is distributed by Baco Records and is available on major digital platforms.

Various Artists "Real Champion Riddim"
A track produced by Stephen Marley under the Ghetto Youths Int'l print. The album/riddim starts with one of the camps artists Black Am I and he keeps it simple with 'Wants And Needs.' Unfortunately it goes beyond that so things get complicated. Christopher Martin is a busy man. There is always new music from him, at the same time he is a man that must 'Have Patience' because he has consistency, too. Iba Mahr has turned out to be an artist who turns out, not alot of music, just good consistent music and this one he changes up the style a bit, too. I think the change sounds good as he remains to 'Stay Positive.' The standout cut has to be the voice of the Marley on the track. It's a Marley that is maturing, growing and expanding. All the while his talent has been taken to the next level. The subject matter is more mature as you feel what he's saying and this is why I feel it is someone close to him, like his beautiful daughter. His voice sounds the best I've ever heard it so smooth and even sweet. Then he comes in with a great contrast on the track and singjays with a bit more dexterity. Lastly, it's nice to hear from Tydal Kamau. He's been very quite and this track will keep his thirsty fans quenched.

Various Artists "The Project"
Kirkle Dove the drummer for Beres Hammond for 18 years produced 'The Project.' It's all on the same riddim. I like his concept about the name change. He says everyone is putting out riddims so I just wanted to call mine 'The Project.' It's good to be different. For respect to the producer we will call it a track as opposed to a riddim, in this case. 'The Project' is four good to great tracks all on the same musical track. The veteran on this 'project' is Fiji, a polynesian singer originally from Fiji, left because of a coup de tat and thats when he moved to Hawaii, where he's lived most of his life. His song 'Slowly But Surely' will show you the talent in this man. It's his confidence in the song that she will be his. You'll love Dean Frasers sax on the track too. The Jamaican veteran on this track is Hezron. You ask who well he's been doing it since a child at the church choir. Now professionally he & Busy Signal are around the same time. 'Stop Light' is one of his best songs to date. When Busy sings these days he can't do any wrong. 'Baby Dance' is no exception as he does not want to wait in vain for love. So he asks her 'baby dance, baby dance for me one more time.' Then comes in with his Dj style to show his versatility and it works well. The best tune, which we featured in a previous 'Shok Wave' is the young soldier of the pack and one of Jamaica's best products. It's Romain Virgo and this boy can sing. His new song must be for his wife and his recent twin girls in 'Save Your Love For Me.' The melody kills it mixed with Romain's talent this is a hit. Coupled with this track, 'The Project' is quality all the way around.At least give it a listen:

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