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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!


Sizzla has to be the most recorded reggae artist since the 1990's. He has released over 70 albums alone and he has just released a new one called 'Acoustic Sounds.' The album has a more 'Acoustic,' stripped down sound. The artist has a real craft in writing songs and the melodies he's accomplished make the focus on the songs. The album opens with the title track that states 'here comes good music for the betterment of your ears...rastaman vibrations.' The songs crafted with those strong melodies are more of his rasta themed ones the ones that look to the 'Brighter Side" : 'Praise Jah,' 'Praises,' 'Spread Jah Love' & do not disturb the rastaman's 'Tranquility.' There's also the one he's accomplished 'Better Life' and the love vibration 'You Told Me.'


Jah 9 release a nice new song 'Love Has Found I.' First, I love how she flips it, she never found love....'Love Found I.' The love was always there. The other part is the live roots reggae sound with a jazz flavor.



Here's more acoustic style reggae, this time from an artist I have never heard Franz Job. He has a nice song with strong words called 'Here's To You And Me.' It's his profession to stay to true to the love he's found.




It's not the norm to find all the good songs on a dancehall riddim are all positive lyrics too. Well the 'Global Warning' riddim has accomplished that with the most expensive thing Christopher Martin's 'Life.' There's also Ding Dong's 'Happy Life,' which is 'living the life of a dream, don't have anybody tell you can't achieve.' An inspiration to say the least. The riddim also does it with 2 female artists as well: Jada Faces' 'O Why O Why.' It may not be the most positive of the 4, yet she has the melody of them all. Lastly Kitty wants to 'Give Thanks.'



This next riddim has a dancehall vibe as well as a groovy soca sound too. It's the 'Fast Wine' riddim. Mr Vegas, Gyptian & Ice Cold have the stand out songs. Mr Vegas starts it in the mix provided below. His song is 'Antetokounmpo,' which I have no idea what it means. The only thing that comes up is that it's a Greek name so maybe it's about the basketball player as he's saying how good they are. Gyptian's love song 'Perfectly With You' utilizes the slurs he's famous for only in the way he does it. Ice Cold has been pretty much that until now as he confesses his love in 'Make You Feel.' Perfect & Mad Vibes have decent tunes too.


Khago has returned with an album called 'Dancehall Soca.' Khago has a knack for melodies. The first three quarters of the album is that dancehall soca style of music that talks about the 'Wuk' Khago is dishing out. 'Hey Yah Hey Yah Hey' is on an older big dancehall riddim. Then, by surprise, 'Murderer' is a conscious reggae tune and a nice tune at that too.

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