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SHOK WAVE is your weekly new REGGAE music blog. SHOK WAVE finds music that is out there in the form of Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Ska, Dub, Reggae Rock & anything else musical with a Caribbean origin and in any language.

Here is what we found this week.......Enjoy!



Inna De Yard "On The Road To Hollywood"
This week looks to the veterans. The Inna De Yard series gives us classics in a stripped down/acoustic style as the Inna De Yard series does. Many veterans are featured with songs you know & love in the simplest of styles: a guitar, a voice & a drum. Centered around: Kiddus I, Winston McAnuff, Cedric Myton & Ken Boothe, this album also features The Viceroys, Horace Andy, Judy Mowatt and 4 new soldiers Jah 9, Derajah, Kush & Var are all featured to carry on the tradition. Songs like: 'Row Fisherman Row,' 'Everything I Own,' 'Ya Ho,' 'Ain't No Sunshine' and a great arrangement for Judy Mowatt's 'Black Woman' with Jah 9. 'Be Careful' is a classic. Since the making of the album two of the soldiers have passed Nambo Robinson trombone player and Wesley Tinglin, lead singer of the great Viceroys has passed on. The tour starts in June in Europe.


Rod Anton feat Cedric Myton "Sodade"
It's a week for Cedric Myton, original member of the original Congos. French based rasta artist Rod Anton is joined by Cedric Myton on his latest track 'Sodade.' A Heavy rasta tune with good vibes. Done in both Portuguese & English. This song, written in the 50s by Armando Zeferino Soares and popularized first by the angolan singer Bonga in the 70s and later Cesaria Evora, the barefoot Diva, in the early 90s speaks about the separation of two friends. One stayed in Cape Verde (São Nicolau in the song, one of Cape Verde's Islands) and the other one moved to São Tomé & Principe. São Tomé, just like Cape Verde, a former Portuguese colony. It's a group of islands located in front of Gabon. until the early 70s, many Cape Verdeans exiled to São Tomé to run away from the political and economical oppression of their country. Exodus was sometimes voluntary, some others forced. This song echoes slavery days and is a real anthem for all those driven to exile, far away from their home, far away from their families and friends. A song of hope and survival.


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